Procedure to buy car for expats in Malaysia.


What is the process for buying a car in Malaysia for expats. What documents are required? Also what is the process of getting Malaysian driving license?


The car dealer requires our passport which is for sure.As long as you have the valid permit (no matter is work permit,expatriate permit,MM2H,etc) you are allowed to purchase a car (new or used one is permitable).

Depends on what country you are from,some driving license can be just converted from its original to Malaysian driving license,you only need to go to JPJ branch to ask for the requirements.

Hope this may help.

dinesh, assuming u r indian and working in kl :-) i have an account with maybank and decided to go for a car loan with them too. easier to get approval i guess. basic documents needed are valid visa and contract with company + photograph, passport copies, etc. i used a maybank associate for my car loan and he was quite helpful. pm me if u want his contact details.

@Johan Yee & @ carlyle1979 --- Thank you so much for your reply.

I am planning to buy a second hand car, which car should I prefer?

I have heard proton is the local car here, and is cheap too. So is it good to buy a proton car,as my budget is not that much high?

Also I do not have a work permit here, I have a professional visit pass visa for 6 months. So will it not cause any problems while applying for a driving license? My Indian driving license is already expired, so I will have to apply for a new driving license here.

I am living in selengor, do you guys know any second hand car dealer & driving school in selengor? Also let me know about the fees of driving school, if you have any idea.


hi dinesh, how long will u b in malaysia? i dont think u can buy a car if u r on a visit pass. same goes for a local driving licence. u may want to check that.

ur best option is renting out a car. i wud suggest u renew ur indian licence as u can drive a car in malaysia with an indian licence.

Thanks for the reply carlyle1979.

I will be staying for another 1 or 2 years. But currently I am on Professional Visit Pass for 6 months. After that I will be getting a work permit for another 2 years. But my problem is can I buy a car, and get a license now, or I will have to wait for 6 months? Also regarding my Indian license, I will have to go back to India to renew it. So I was thinking to apply for a new license here. Any thoughts?


i dont know the answer. frankly a lot of the rules relating to expats are quite ambiguous. my suggestion is go to the source. visit any driving school and tell them u want to enrol for driving classes for malaysian licence. metro driving school is quite popular but u can choose any school. the school itself will check ur documents before u enrol and u will know if u can get a licence with ur visit pass. obviously u need to first have a valid licence to own a car :-)  once u have the licence, its easy to sort out the car.

hi sam, i tried to convert my indian licence and got a rejection letter that i can use my indian licence to drive. i did this 6 months back.


Could you share the Maybank associate's contact details?


Hello all.
seems to be a useful discussion.
- If I take a car loan for 60 months, can I sell the car after 36 months? Is pre closure/pre payment possible? 
- Do you necessarily need a local guarantor
- what is the normal down payment for a new car?
I have been hearing diverse views on this point. Please help.

- Premature termination of your loan is certainly possible, in facts you may receive reasonable rebate from the bank, it all depends on the premature duration. Remember, bank is always charged their interest first then the principal amt. Also point to note that hire purchase loan is not as same as housing loan. You will know the details once you engage with the bank.

- According to the new rules, local guarantor or company is a MUST

- As for expats, usually banks offer/approve 70% or 80% of the principal amount. The down-payment is naturally 20% to 30% however it all depends on your documents (how strong) and also duration of your stay in Malaysia, tax payer, etc, etc and of coz the local guarantor.

i wanna ask about loan a car..the document i need is IC,driving lesen,3 month salary slip and 3 month bank statment right?but i very less bank in cos i take cash so i only have payment voucher,so can i use payment voucher?actually my salary below RM1000 :( the car i wanna loan is myvi SE 1.3 ,i wanna ask is whether i can do like this to get the car,my actual salary is RM850 but in my payment voucher i write it RM1700 plus my commission RM300 so it will be RM2000 then bank in for 3 month after 3 month will print out the 3 month statment,then bring it to my all the document for the car dealer wil the accept?

Hi carlyle1979,

Recently i Shifted to Malaysia residing in Subang Jaya. I am Struggling now for Transport. I am planning to get a Car. I have Indian Driving License from you Blog i came to know Indian License is Valid to Drive in Malaysia.
I have forwarded my documents to JPJ for license conversion, till now i didn't received any info. my license is not been converted or i didn't get any rejection letter.

Can you please share the rejection letter received from JPJ which will be very helpful for me to proceed with my purchase of car.

Thanks in advance. Looking for a Positive reply.


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That information is almost 2 years old Raghu55. Your embassy website tells you about the process which includes authentication of your Indian driving licence by the issuing authority back home. Always attend JPJ offices - there are branches everywhere - because they cant do anything by letter.

I am staying in KL WITH my husband and planning to buy a car.but the major problem is local guarantor in case of bank loan.we went to perodua showroom and submitted all the required docs ,they contacted the bank and replied back saying we would have to pay 30% as downpayment or get hold of a local to be our guarantor .now paying30% upfront is too expensive for us and we do not know any local that well to request him/her as our guarantor ! :(
Salary is above 10K ,still this issue is posing a real problem for us..
Can there be any way out of this????please suggest , any help in the form of advice/suggestion is truly appreciated.

The 30% is standard for both car loans and property mortgage loans. A guarantor would be very hard to find. Suggest you buy secondhand vehicle for cash or hire/lease. If you do find the required cash c RM20k I guess, you should beware of the wording of the loan, because there can be clauses that make early repayment impossible. That would mean if you left say in 2 years and the loan was for 5 years, you would still be paying it after you had left Malaysia. Immigration status may not enable you to renew employment pass beyond 2 years these days as jobs have to include training a Malaysian to take over the position in many circumstances.

coulld you , please share me the details?

Hi Raghu,
Good Day ..
Did you attested your indian driving license by indian embassy?

Just select a brand, find a showroom near or as you like. Visit and see a sales rep. They will take care of the rest including being your advisor in selecting a car for you.

Pretty old thread here.

Anyway, i bought cars and bikes without any permits, just passport for identification for the receipt and ownership certificate---and no asking about licence either.

That said..............i always paid cash, no loans. Loans is another matter and you would need a workpass and proof of LOCAL income and the rest of it. I always used my International licence and nobody ever asked me about it except at police roadblocks where I just show it and go.

That dealers (when I didnt have any pass) they did sometimes ask for my workpass and when I said I didnt have one, they said "okok nevermind." If it is a rule to have a pass even when paying cash, then I suppose its heavily violated.

At JPJ and insurance offices I have never been asked for a pass under any circumstances at all, not even casually. The topic simply never comes up. This means one could more easily buy a car or bike from a private seller because JPJ isnt going to bar registration in your name and the private seller only wants to see the GREEN. End of story.

Back to local licences, I wouldnt mind having one but its high cost to convert my US licence and I wont do it unless im forced. Since Malaysia accepts the AAA international licence I will continue with it.

And that said...........there is a rule that you cannot continue to drive on an International Licence for more than 6 months, but im 16 years in Malaysia and still on the AAA, no force to change. Yet.

To apply for a new licence, you have to take the exam in the Malay language and thats going to be a super major problem for most expats. For that reason, there is no point to go to a driving school because thats all in the Malay language too. Good luck with all that!

So, if you cannot get a AAA licence or convert yours, you basically cannot drive or ride a bike because foreign licences are not accepted---with the possible exception of UK licences which  Brits report in this forum they use without problems. I have no clue or info about it myself.

Rules are changing all the time about buying cars and on driving licences. The latest ones a much more strictly enforced. Its important to understand what is "historical bagging" and what is "current information".

I find some incorrect information, please refer to the respective websites for license or whatever.

I am from Australia. Do I need to get international driving licence or I can transfer Au driving licence to Malaysian?

People who are resident in Malaysia need to transfer their licence to a Malaysian one because international and national licences are only valid for 3 months after arrival. … se-foreign

Nena0801 - your High Commission has an informative posting which will help you

Hi Carlyl

Are you still using Indian licence with the letter from JPJ?
I have received a letter as well from JPJ saying I can drive with Indian licence
Can I buy a car with Indian licence ? Also insurance would not be a issue in case of claim ?
Also, will
Loans issued by the banks with the Indian licence and JPJ letter ?

I appreciate your reply in this matte r

Attestation of Indian Driving License … ense.html#

Duly Completed MISC. SERVICE FORM- click here for MISC. SERVICE FORM .

Photographs -Two recent passport size ( 5 cm x 5 cm)

Original passport and its photocopy (1st, last, valid visa and other endorsement pages).

Original Driving License (plastic card embedded with a microprocessor chip with a memory ) for scrutiny.

If driving license is paper booklet or does not have micro chip, copy of driving license should be attested by license issuing authority and the respective State Government's Secretariat which in turn should be attested by Attestation Section/Apostle Cell, Ministry of External Affairs, Jawahar Lal Nehru Bhawan, Janapath Marg, New Delhi-110011. ( alternatively it can be got attested from MEA Branch Offices at Chennai, Guwahati, Kolkata, Hyderabad or RPOs in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Goa, Mumbai and Trivandrum). Details of Regional Authentication Centres (RACs) in the States/Union Territories from where the documents should first be authenticated and for procedure for attestation in India, please see

Original should also be presented for verification.

You can buy car using Indian License, I bought a New Proton Persona using my Indian License. I took loan from May Bank. I got the Indian License Copy Attested from Indian Embassy, then i proceeded with the purchase of Car.

Dear Uday can you please email me the Letter from the JPJ, below is my mail id

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Since you picked up your car recently i am interested in picking up a new car perodua .. i am an expat..

Can you please guide me how to go about this and what documents are required to pick up a car on Loan and the down payment?

Hi . I am an indian who is working in Malaysia almost 4 years . If i want to buy a car in malaysia can i use my indian driving license ? or do i need to get Malaysian driving license to apply loan and buy a car ?

Hi Raghu,

Can you please breif about the procedure to apply loan to buy a car ? May i know what are the documents required ?

Could you send me associates details on ***

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Hi Carlyle, i am an expat looking to get a car too. But i encountered problem many many times because banks only give 70% loan instead of 80% or 85%. How many % did you get your loan approved?

May i have the contact detail of your Maybank associate please? Much thanks!


Hi dear.. Please share the contact number of the Maybank personnel.

Pl try to get loan from Toyota Finance , i got Myvee 1.5 and paid only 20% down payment

Can you share the number of toyota finance?


@carlyle1979 hi I need to apply for a car can I have the car agent number pls

@hemalatha velmurugan

I know a good one, u can leave your phone number
Hello there,
I'm working in Malaysia since 6 year, I've a Malaysian driving license, my work visa is renewed every year.
My salary is basic 5K.

I want to buy a car new / used for personal use. Can someone help me in this regard?