Drive a scooter at Pangkor


I would like to know if it's dangerous to drive a scooter at Pangkor. I ask this question because I wente to Koh Panghan and Kho Tao and I rent a scooter but it was difficult to drive because the roads are very bad or/and dangerous (more at Koh Tao ). Is it the same at Pangkor?

Thanks for your reply!

I don't think it's that bad, but on the other hand my primary transportation to/from work anymore is my Vespa in KL. I quit driving the car so much because of the heavy traffic and parking issues if I want to go someplace on the way to/from campus. I was in Langkawi a couple of months ago and using a scooter was just fine. From what I remember the last time I was at Pangkor it was not as bad to get around as Langkawi. The only thing is be careful on some of the winding/curvy roads.

I was in Bali back in January and there's NO WAY I'd want to use a scooter there, and on the flight back there was a Dutch girl using crutches because of scooter accident.

Pangkor is more hilly than Langkawi. The roads in noth location are tarred. If it rains, ride with more caution as the road can be slippery.

That could be, it's been a while since I was at Pankgor. Need to go back.

Ok, thanks for all your replies!!!!

I think I will try. I will be carefull. I don' t want to comeback with crutches.

Hey guys,

I went to pangkor this week end. It s very easy to drive there. The roads are corrects even if it s hilly sometimes. So if you will come at this Island, you could drive to. The most dangerous are the people who are driving to because they aren t always careful.

It s a beautiful island!

Thanks for the update, I thought the roads weren't that bad there. But didn't drive a scooter yet at that time, so didn't try. Now it's my Vespa everywhere in KL.

You're right, it's easy to drive in thus island.

Wow, you drive a vespa in KL! I thought it s too dangerous!(?)

kco8 wrote:

You're right, it's easy to drive in thus island.

Wow, you drive a vespa in KL! I thought it s too dangerous!(?)

It is to be honest, I don't go on the highways and rarely after dark. But I work in Gombok and on the road to work there are about 3-4 schools and if I hit it wrong it takes me almost an hour to get to work. On the Vespa it's never more than a 10 minute ride. The same with parking, never an issue (although I did get one parking ticket for parking on the sidewalk outside Wangsa Walk - along with 10/20 other bikes).

Ok, I see.
You want say Gombak , don' t you?

I think if it' s outside KL, it 's not as much as KL . I it' s more fast woth a vespa I see

I work in Gombak, but live in KL (Setapak) so most of my ride is not city traffic. But I'll go into town with it. My in laws live in Dato Keramat, not far from Ampang Park. I've tried going to KLCC, but not sure where it's safe to park. The drive to town isn't bad, other than the construction at Jalan Pahang.  But I stay mostly in Setapak, Wangsa Maju and Taman Melati near my house.

i am glad you enjoyed the roads in pangkor.
i was there many many years ago and did not think it would be possible to rent a motorbike.
did you rent a motorbike on the island?
how much was it and do you have any contact details?

thank you