Scooter Licence


I have not been in Malaysia long and I am starting to require some of my own transport. I would like a scooter as they are much better for dealing with the traffic and I prefer riding a scooter to driving a car anyway.

I have my standard UK car driving licence and I am looking at getting that converted into a Malaysian driving licence. However I want to know whether once I have it converted if I will be licensed to drive a scooter in Malaysia.

On the back of my English licence i have the categories; AM and A.
Which I believe in the UK allows me to ride a scooter under 150cc, although I am not 100% sure on this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi I m LOOKING FOR  job anyone can help me? thank you

Hi Tom, i think is better for u to get ur UK driving license to be certified by British High Commission and stating what vehicle is eligible for your class.

then use that letter to convert your driving license to JPJ branch Malaysia. from the recent rules and regulation you might want to check Malaysia Road Transport Dept

Hi tom,

Welcome to Malaysia!

I think my husband looked into the same matter and was told he had to take some lessons to go for test again for motorcycle license. no conversion for uk to malaysian license, the last we checked. best to contact the jpj directly?

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Expats should never use motorbikes in KL. I have seen a lot of dead motorcyclists in kl