(foreign) licence - Auto insurance coverage has limitations?

Dear All

I have applied from conversion of my indian licence, but I have given a letter from JPJ, that I can drive with international licence or certified Indian licence. Now I want to buy a car, but I want to know is there any issues with coverage for auto insurance? Any one has gone through this process? I appreciate your feedback in this matter


There is no connection as in Malaysia it is the vehicle that is insured not the driver. https://www.imoney.my/articles/the-diff … n-malaysia

Do remember you can use a one-stop-shop to insure and tax your vehicle https://www.myeg.com.my/ The insurance has to cover the validity of the tax disc, which is 6 or 12 months. Don't delay renewing car insurance as it causes issues in keeping the insurance and tax in sync.

Thank you for the reply on auto insurance. I am happy to know from you about "one-stop-shop to insure and tax your vehicle".


Information about getting your Indian licence certified can be found here:

https://www.indianhighcommission.com.my … ense.html#

By the way, MyEg delivers the insurance policy and road tax sticker to your address by motorbike courier for a small charge and everything can be done online or over the phone.

Dear Gravitas

I understood there is no insurance coverage for drivers in first party insurance, however i was bothered whether insurance company issue  claim for damage of  for my car or damaged opposite car for foreign licence holders with conversion denied by JPJ.  JPJ say s you can drive with international licence or with valid certified home country licence.

Thank you for the link. I have already done the certification ......and applied for conversion(B list). Result was letter issued to me to use the international licence or certified domestic licence.

Can you tell what category of Residence status you hold in Malaysia (Student, Work permit, Foreign spouse, Investor etc)?

Ok, I use the International Driving Permit from AAA in USA and have been insuring cars and bikes for 17 years.  I have made insurance claims and never had any problem about me being a foreigner. I think your doubt about this may be valid if Malaysia didnt allow foreigners to buy vehicles in the first place, or if the foreigners were somehow classed differently than a local. You buy, drive, and insure the vehicle as a local and thats it. ***

First-party or third-party insurance isnt the determining factor. That just goes to whether you make a claim on the other persons insurance or walk away and deal with your own company or pay your own damages. P.A, insurance, attached to your policy, is a very WEAK substitute for injury payments. Read it and see that it only comes into play if you die or get your head lopped off in the accident. And even then the coverage is laughable. What is it, RM5000 if you lose your head? And in that event, how do you think you will go about making a claim? Oh, I would love to see that! That said, after getting insurance settled, it would be in your interest to survey other insurance companies which may offer more suitable Injury Loss insurance as a separate policy. I have done that investigating and have not yet found a suitable policy, they all read like the car policies which means, again, you have to lose your head, a limb or die before coverage comes into play. This means that injury requiring hospitalization and healing and medicine and doctors may not be covered at all. And THAT said, if you are injured in an accident which is the other persons fault, you will have to sue them. That takes 2-3 years and lawyer costs are a percentage of the winnings (25%? 30% is it?). Of all the things wrong in Malaysia, insurance reform is utterly mandatory but so far, I see nobody willing to take up the fight.

I've had the IDP since 1999 and while at times I had the urge to convert it to a local licence, in the end I saw no valid reason and so I continue to use it. In fact, its saved me many times. I get stopped in a road block, produce the IDP and they let me go. If I had the local licence, now Im a local and its just a little bit easier for them to treat me like one and give me that summons.

My record: Ive been stopped somewhere between 50 and 100 times. I never once got a summons, and twice I was forced to bribe the cop, once in KL and once in Penang, under threat of receiving a summons for some made-up charge. And once, they correctly caught me not making a left turn properly but luckily they only lectured me and let me go--and mind you they did that lecturing while staring at my IDP. I was super polite, apologetic and cooperative. Good. Thank you!

***I will make one proviso to that statement. Sometimes, not all the time, when you go to buy a vehicle you will be asked for your work pass. I do NOT want to investigate the law here,  I want the ability to continue to sincerely play dumb because it helps. Anyway, what happened last time is that i bought a car and the dealer fanned through the passport looking for my visa as a condition to buying. At the time,  I didnt have anything in there beyond a tourist stamp. She is looking and looking through the pages when I chirped, "Hey, Im allowed to buy, do you want the sale?" They made the sale and there was no problem registering at JPJ. Did the dealer ASSUME a visa is needed because it is, because you are a foreigner, or because they are ignorant about the fact its not needed? I DO NOT KNOW. And I do not want to know. I want to shuttup and keep working by my wits. In my defense I will add that at no time at any Police or JPJ roadblock has my ownership paper (Geran) been questioned. Did JPJ and Police once again ASSUME that my ownership was correctly gotten through work passes and therefore there was no need to explore further? I DO NOT KNOW. Was I worried for nothing or for a good reason? I dont know that either. But I always pay cash, which the dealers only learned about at the end of the transaction, so its possible the visa question comes up when you are thought to be going for a loan, in which case visas have to do with bank lending rules and not JPJ rules. After all, they never blocked me from vehicle registration.