Can i sell my car without physically present in Malaysia

I used to be an ex-pat in Malaysia and left in 2019. I had a car which I couldn't sell before I left, now I found a buyer but been unable to travel in 2020 and 2021 so far due to the covid situation for title transfer. I have been paying monthly installments and would like to settle the loan and have the title transferred to the new owner, is there any way to do it without coming to Malaysia, can I give power of attorney to a friend to settle the loan and title transfer on my behalf?

Since the offices are closed to traffic due to covid, i cant walk in and ask for you. Can you write to JPJ and ask them? As I know, they changed the rules a few years ago and both buyer and seller are required to be present to transfer. In a situation where a party has left the country, I have no idea.