Driving Licence

Can an individual having a valid UAE Driving Licence , drive in Malaysia with it ? What does one have to do to obtain a Malaysian Driving Licence ?

@fhafesjee i Don't know and no any idea

No,as of now you need to convert your UAE license to Malaysian or need to apply for a fresh Malaysian driving license. For conversion you need to take copies of UAE DL, UAE DL extract, license translation if not in english, passport copy, Visa copy, bona-fide letter from employer and license conversion forms (which are available at the JPJ) to the JPJ. They will then give you an acknowledgement letter and you need to keep checking on their website for status change and once status changes to successful, proceed to JPJ with passport and 2 photos for license issue.

What is JPJ ?

JPJ is the national transport department which gives driving licenses and registers cars, and lets buyers and sellers of cars do their business, etc

A UAE license wont work in Malaysia but the International Driving Permit will. Mine is issued by AAA in USA and I dont think there are many agencies allowed to issue them under the Geneva Convention. So Im not sure how people around the world can get them.

The AAA IDP has to be renewed once a year. As I know, the IDP has to be done face to face in a AAA office, not online.

This leaves many people having to apply for the Malaysian license.