Indian Driving License in Malaysia

@Manoj Gnanaseelan Thank you for your advice on being able to download the extract directly as otherwise I was informed it has to be done with physical presence.

@tauraustouch don't be confused.

  • If you are on tourist visa IDL is permitted for use (as explained to me by JPJ) .

  • But if you are on EP you must have a Malaysian DL.

  • To stay in safe zone get your Indian DL Attested (you can do it from BSL International) incase you would be getting delayed for application of your Indian DL.



getting attestation in BLS too would not work. I wasted money. So please follow this.

  1. please have someone in India to visit RTO to get the original DL extract - for this you need to send them your Visa copy to present in the RTO / some places ask for your offer letter to ensure you are employed in MY. In that case, pull a employment letter without salary and scan them.
  2. inform them to mail you the Original ( this is must)
  3. Visit any nearest JPJ with Original DL extract that you received + original PP+ Original visa and completed application form.
  4. After verification, they will hand back all the original except the DL extract.
  5. provided acknowledgement for the same and do give them the email that you access everyday.
  6. Once approved, you will get an email from them which you can present anytime within 60days of approval.
  7. Carry a photo on the day of collection, make payment and your license is provided the same day.

Hope this is clear. Please do not try anything without DL extract.

between, you cannot pull that from the RTO portal as it's not accepted without attestation.

unless you have the original DL extract, it's pointless visiting JPJ.

@pen2punita thanks for the detailed reply

Anyone knows how long does it take to get the "P" license? It's been almost 2 months since I have submitted the application at JPJ.

Hi can dependent visa holders apply for a driving licence in Malaysia?

@MG_0639 if you r converting your Indian license to Malaysia license then it takes exactly 30 days and you will receive mail to collect the same.

@Rajeshno1 yes dependant visa holders can apply for driving license.

@ahmed_faiz2000 Thank you for the response. Yes, I am converting my Indian license. When you say 30 days, is it 30 working days or 30 calendar days?

@ahmed_faiz2000 Thanks so much for letting me know Ahmed

This is side comment......

Anyone who can use IDP please do so and dont take the Malaysian license. The reason is penalty. Ive survived 23 years on IDP only and never once had any problem and no summons either. JPJ makes it fairly easy to get a license because they want you in the system. When police stop you and you have Malaysian license, its easier to give you a summons. With IDP, they figure you are not staying and its harder for Malaysian courts to deal with IDP because there is no local number or ID in the system. IDP is more work for the system so they tend to let you go.

For others without IDP, im not sure how it works today but previously you had to take the JPJ test in the Malaysian language. Few people could do that. If they allow conversion without testing now then thats excellent. After getting the license, be very careful on the road and dont put yourself in a bad situation of easily getting summons which will be very costly. If you dont have to do any testing, get and read the JPJ handbook which is written in Malay and English and follow the rules. The main problems for people driving is 1) expired road tax 2) not stopping and not waiting at traffic intersections 3) speeding. Then of course there are accidents. If you crash and kill someone, youre in a mountain of trouble.

@pen2punita  I do not have DL extract from my state TN. In JPJ, they refused. Will BLS attestation in my driving  license help to conversion in JPJ without Driving license extract?

@MG_0639 30 calendar days

@Kannan Perumal you need the DL extract at JPj as it's a mandatory document for your application.

You can download the DL extract online with bookmark of the site. There is no need to do any attention of same.

You will also need to show your original driving license at the counter.

I have applied forMalaysia  DL with the same process and was smooth to get it.

Hope this is helpful.




@MG_0639 its 30 working days.

Dear expats,

I need to urgently buy a new car. I have a valid EP, an Indian Driving License (Original) and an IDP (non-governmental: issued by this [[link moderated]]). I have contacted Honda dealership and they have collected all my documents for loan submission - vehicle in stock for August delivery. The Sales agent said that the IDP above would be valid for purchasing the car. However, I'm a bit doubtful about my loan and vehicle registration getting completed successfully due to the below aspect:

I only have an Indian license and the IDP I have is issued by a non-governmental agency

Are there any risks of either the loan application or the vehicle registration not going through due to the above aspect? Also, even if my loan application gets through with the above documents, are there any chances that JPJ might refuse to register the vehicle due to me not holding a Malaysian license or a government issued IDP from India?

I am already in the process of submitting my application for conversion of Indian License to Malaysian License. However, there's no possibility of obtaining the Malaysian License before the next 2 months (due to JPJ processing timelines) and I need to take delivery of my car by end of August.

Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

@Facekeeper, with Indian license you can own a car here, and get a loan as well.

@nagendra80 . Thank you very much!