Jeddah Knowledge international school and sharbatly village

Hi I have been offered a role at JKS and to stay in sharbatly village, I was wondering what is the schoo like in terms of workload and as it seems a good school from what I have read. Also I will be moving with my wife and small baby (1 years old) They have only offered me a one bed villa to stay in sharbatly village, will this be enough room for us, esp if people come to visit. Would really appreciate any advice you have to give me

U seem to recall a scammer had pirated their name so it would be wise to make sure the offer is the real deal.

It is I have all the official documentation and have also been in contact with a representative at the embassy so I am not worried about this, I also had the interview and applied via TES. So it is all above board

can you discuss your qualifications and give a rough figure about the offer?

Masters and teaching certificate teacher for two years offer is one bed accom with everything included money is better than what I get in UK so that is all I would like to say on that (significantly better)

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