Planning to move back to mauritius

I am planning to move back to Mauritius with my husband who is british. My worries are that I have never worked in Mauritius even tho I was born and brought up there.
I am a hairdresser by profession and I dont know how much in demand it is in Mauritius. Is it easy to find a job in the sector? Also how much is the pay rate?

Also if I do want to own a salon us it worth it? Or it's the market is too saturated?

How much will I also need fianacially to have a decent life there?

Hope you guys can help me.

It's quite easy to find job as a hairdresser if you are qualified and experienced enough. That said, those recruiting would be medium to large salons, not the small roadside ones that we commonly see in Mauritius.

Not sure how much a hairdresser can make but I would say it will be aligned with your professional experience.

The market is not saturated in the higher end segment. if you can bring in new products, services and innovative techniques especially in a catchment area with locals, tourists, and expats, your salon will be a success.

Thank you for the reply

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