SNB application for Nurses

Looking for Nurses working in Singapore
May I ask the following questions:
1. How long does it take to receive an email from SNB that the application for nurses registration is approve?

This is because we have already signed a contract in one of the hospital but awaiting for SNB approval.

Thanks a lot for Answering

Any update bout your snb approval? also waiting for my snb approval...its been 4months since i gave them all of my documents for regstration..i passed the singapore nursing board last april 2019.

Hi , did you received your SNB approval ? One of the employer is applying for the SNB for me , but I have no idea how long the whole process will take ?

Any foreign nurses given SNB exams in Singapore and how fast they gave the dates ?

Hi! Any update with your application?

Hairam: This thread is over two years old and the OP stopped posting soon afterwards. So it is unlikely you will get a reply here. Maybe you want to start a new thread instead?

Hello 😇

who experienced here attending the snb exam with different family name in the passport and prc id? Are there any ways to do. Because it is quite long the result of petition to chnge in the prc. Pls help me <3

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I would like to inform you that you have posted on an inactive thread.

Nonetheless, I hope that you will be able to gather some information soon.

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Yoginee team

@Mecyl Jison From a buerocrat's viewpoint, papers with two different names are not for the same person.

If you have changed name (e.g. due to marriage) you must have additional papers showing this. If you don't have them, you cannot use two IDs with different name. No choice but have the error corrected at source!