Birth - Hospital - Clinique - HELP!

Dear people living in Morocco,

My sweet wife lives in Morocco and I live in the Netherlands. Unintentionally my wife got pregnant and we couldn't find a way so she could give birth in the Netherlands.  We're now looking for people with experience of giving birth in the region of the Atlas (Ourazazate, Errachidia, Marrakech, Beni Mella etc).

We prefer a normal (vaginal delivery) instead of a c-section. I've read online that in a clinic the chance of getting a c-section is big (money). And at a regular hospital the chances for a vaginal delivery is bigger. We prefer a Clinique but don't know doctors who respect what we prefer.

I'm flying next week to Morocco.

Can you help us out?

Greetings from Amsterdam

I live in Errachidia

Hi Mohamed,

Do you have any advice or recommendations?

In Errachidia there is a public hospital and a private hospital

Do you know specific doctors who do labor?

Hello Khalid,

Check out the list of doctors / hospitals by city under this link … s/doctors/

Good Luck