Dentist costs in Marocco

Hi everyone, I would like to know is the dentist and protesist servises cheaper in Marocco than in Europa? Here to fix one hole in teeth cost 60 euro? How much in Marocco?

Hello, yes it costs a lot less in Morocco. Prices depend on where you go

I had a molar fall apart.  Compete dental work and porcelin crown was $140.00 use.  Yes much cheaper

Hi anyone here who knows what the average cost of a single dental implant is in morroco  ?

Thanks Goldkhalifa. Where is the most cheapest dentist prices in Marocco? Is Rabbat, Casablanka and Marrakesh is more expensive than other Maroccan cities?

I had a zirconia crown for about USD 400 by an excellent English speaking dentist in Temara near Rabat:

You are now a king

My dentist is in Temara too.

The best way to save money on dentists is to remove sugar from your diet. Sugar is like crack but once you get over the withdrawal you don't miss it. Lots of dentists in Marrakech but the price is going to depend on how up market the dentist is, who their customer base is

Can anybody wirte a phone number of affordable dentist in Marocco?