Healthcare in Morocco


how does the healthcare system work in Morocco ? Is it efficient ?

What are the main differences between public and private sectors?

Is it recommended to purchase private health insurance in Morocco?

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There are many hospitals that exist in all the major cities in Morocco. There are both public and private hospitals that provide all the major health cures. Pharmacies are also available in all big and small towns and villages. All the major hospitals are well equipped with modern instruments, machinery and well-qualified doctors.

The Government Hospitals are also well equipped and often provide free or cheap emergency care. But you might also be expected to pay for your treatment, so you should Have your fully comprehensive medical insurance including cover for repatriation costs.

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Julien, Health care in Morocco is free, except if you have money and you want to consult at private health care providers known as Polyclinique. Public Health sector is very active and it's totally free. to answer to your question, is it efficient ? It is not bad but not to be compared to USA or Canada. the government is working hard to satisfy this sector and it is growing.


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I have had a great experience with the health care system here.  I had a condition that gave the doctors in Canada trouble.  Here, I went to emerg., they called a specialist in from his home, he refered me to another specialist (medecine interne) who saw me later that afternoon.  He spoke with me for an hour before examining me ensuring to ask as many questions about my life as possible.  Very thorough.  Then he said he has has a couple of ideas of what it might be but wants to get me an ultrasound and an ECG.  I'm thinking this could be weeks but..... he brought me into the other room where he had all of the equipment (though dated) there and performed all of the tests himself.  He said he would get back to me with his diagnosis after studying it.

I received a call that evening and he asked if he could come to meet me at a cafe near my home.  He came, we met, he told me what he thought and wrote me 2 perscriptions.  It worked!  Everything done in 1 day! and for 30 dollars !  wow!.

In a compilation of four or five years ago, the WHO rated Morocco's health system as 30th in the world, one place above that of Israel, which is normally regarded as an "advanced" country. … ature4.htm

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I think healthcare in Morocco is very efficient for people who have an insurance. They can access quickly to all kind of very good doctors in the private sector. Access to care in the public sector is free (though some give backshish to get things done), but it can take much more time. All expats I know in Morocco don't use the public sector at all.