Pharmacies in Morocco

During my travels I am often able to purchase a few Alprazolam (Xanax) pills or Lorazepam (Ativan) pills to help me sleep during long fplane rides.  Can this type of medication be purchased without a prescription in Morocco?  Thank you

Good Evening

I think such pills requires the doctor's perscription. So you have better to keep a few of them with you

for the need in your trips.


you can obtain most medicines in Morocco or their French substitute - but they are expensive - so best to stock up where cheapest  bedore coming there if you can

I'm wondering if I could buy the Lorazepam over the counter in Rabat, Morocco? Or do I need a prescription for that? Thanks in advance.

From my experience I got all medicaments which needed a prescription very easily here without any question in Moroccan pharmacies. I would just go and ask. If one says no, go to the next one but I think it will be fine


You might not get the exact brand and dosage, if you can, bring extra with you, but getting medication in a pharmacy is usually not difficult.

If you keep your original prescription sometime that can help even if from overseas.

however most pharmacy has a on-sight dr so if one's required they might just do the consultation there and issue the medication.

but as other have pointed out just ask the pharmacy tell them it's a medication you already use and what it for if they ask. 99% of the time they will give with a little explanation otherwise move to the next one and they might have on sight dr in the pharmacy who will just give it.