Gynecologist in Kenitra

Hello everyone,

I just moved with my husband and kids from Holland to Morrocco and will live in Kenitra.
I am pregnant and due in 9 weeks. I am looking for a friendly, professional and English speaking female gynecologist in Kenitra. There is some issues that I'm concerned about, such as some doctors will not accept having the husband in the room during birth, not allowing the baby in my room during the night, and some other aspects of my birthplan that are very common in The Netherlands but seem to be uncommon here. Also I hear there is too many unnecessary CS here. My first two children were born the natural way and everything was just fine. I understand of course that a CS sometimes is unavoidable but I need a doctor who is honest about it and only will carry it out if really needed.

Any advise is very welcome.
Kind regards

I'm afraid that medicine is a business here and the more invasive the procedures, the more money the clinic makes. The rate of CS is phenomenal and I am sure that many (most) were unnecessary. It's not even a case of "too posh to push" - even working class women are prevailed upon to get the procedure. You have to be incredibly assertive.

This page might help, although I can only find one testimonial on it:-- … necologues

I do wish you luck and I hope that someone who has had a good experience comes along to help. Do be wary of private messages or those wishing to liaise with you only privately though, as sometimes they purport to come from people but are in fact from businesses.

Good luck.

I apologize for stating the obvious, but why not have it done in Holland?

Zelfde situatie hier, moet nog 8 weken, vind het doodeng, woon in Marrakech, geen idee van Kenitra.. Succes en je mag altijd berichtje sturen!! Groetjes Mireille

This is the Anglophone forum. English, not Dutch, is spoken here...

Curious if everything worked out the way you planned?  Did you find the right gynecologist?

Hi Brenda,No it did not at all! Haha, if you only knew how things went, totally the opposite the way I wanted, but thank god no caeserian. My baby came all of the sudden two months too early (in Temara, in a horror-hospital, and after birth she was hospitalized right away in Souissi Rabat) and since then my life has been a total chaos, finding out my way in Morocco. Learned many stuff (the hard way), but most of all learned that nothing works the same as in Holland. Anyway, Slowly but surely things are starting to get back to normal, baby is doing very good alhamdulillah, we moved to Kenitra and starting our lifes here.

Any dutch or english speaking ppl in Kenitra?

And how have you been Mariam? Did you give birth?

I am Dutch speaking in Kenitra. Only I don't live there already. I have a home in Kenitra though. Actually I just got home last week. Ik was there for ten days. Looking for a job. We're planning to go living in Kenitra this year. Hopefully everything is gonna work out. Als je het leuk vind kunnen we mail adressen uitwisselen? Greetings Brenda

aw so nice! wish you had logged on earlier, we might have met in Kenitra! Sure, we will mail :top:

Brenda I tried to send you a private message to give you my email adress but that option is blocked in your account.
can you switch it on?

Now I have It switched on again!

Tsarah82 was your husband allowed in the room with you when you gave birth? I am pregnant in Tetouan, Morocco and I am facing the same discomforts. My OB/GYN does not speak English and when we asked if he performs natural births his response was "Insha Allah", but we are worried when the time comes it will not be the case.

One other question, how did you go about getting the nationality for the baby in Morocco? Was it an easy process?

Thank you very much for all of your information.

Best of luck,