Getting a prescription filled for hydrocodone opioid pain medicine.

My pain medicine will run out while in Morocco and has1 refill left. In USA, this medicine is regulated and only dispenses a limited amount. Is it possible to get it refilled there and/or do I've to see a doctor there first to get it refilled?

It depends on what your medicine is but just take your prescription to a pharmacy and let them guide you. They will probably be able to tell you if they can fill it or how to proceed if not. And it may not be the same exact brand but as long as it has the same ingredients in the amount that you're prescribed, it'll work.
@Yahya411 Hi As elena said.

Its fairly easy to do it in Morocco. just take your Prescription to pharmacy 90% of the time they accept it. As most phamarcy has a on sight DR. however if they don't they might as you to go to the doctor which you can take your prescription and then get the dr to give local one. They will most likely give you an alternative brand with same ingredient if they don't have the brand you normally use. If they can't give they might ask you to get permission from Minstry of Health which  they will guide you on how to do. But Normally they would accept overseas prescription.


My prescriptions all were accepted and yes codiene and xanax and more.  You will be fine.

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough when I'd posted. Inshallah, I'll be in Morocco next week. I don't have prescription, because the doctor sends it directly to my pharmacy here in USA. All I've is the medicine bottle that shows 1 refill remaining which is limited quantity because it's a restricted drug.
You can get tylenol with codiene in Morocco without a prescription. Called

Thank you, that's good to know. That should work as a backup, in case, I can't get my medicine refilled.
@Yahya411 ah ok.

If it's not to late you can speak to your dr back home to give you a copy of the prescription as your traveling. It's always better to request a copy and keep with you at all time including in airport and planes as they can be quite tricky if you don't have the evdiance to show wiles traveling.

Just ring you dr ask them to print a copy or email it over to you and you print and keep digits copy or a letter from your dr.