Health care

I am retiring to Morocco at the end of 2021 all being well and would be interested to know what other expats are doing about health insurance. I have been quoted some extortionate rates even though I'm in good health.
Does anyone know if it's better to get insurance in country of origin, buy it locally in Morocco or pay as you go and hope for the best?
Interested to hear experiences of hospitals, treatments, doctor surgeries and availability of any medication that may be needed.

I am planning to retire to morrocco in a similar time frame. From my research, it appears the "pay as you go" option seems the best way to go. Especially if you don't have serious health considerations. Health care is fairly inexpensive, compared to the cost of international health insurance for the expat.

Thank you for that advice. I was leaning more towards that option.
Do you have concerns if you should need any long term care/medical treatment in the future?
I'm thinking worse case scenario of course.

Yes & no. I wouldn't "burn any bridges", in case I had to get back for any serious medical issues. Maybe if you have a pension, keep that insurance active or medicare, once it becomes an option.  Otherwise I would consider it a calculated risk.

I agree with you and wish you luck with your adventure