English Speaking Dr In El Jadida.

    Does anyone know or can recommend an English Speaking medical Dr. in El Jadida? I am planning to live there and will need a medical check to apply to stay.

I know an English speaking generalist and a dentist in el jadida. Let me know when you need them .

Thank you so much Ellie. I really appreciate it😁

Could you give me their contact details please? My daughter is American and only started living in El Jadida but she only goes to female Drs as she is strict Muslim. and married to a Moroccan. Thanks. Her and the whole Moroccon family speak that language you wanted to learn. Im sure she would love to meet you. Best of luck. Pam.

The doctor speaks decent English, not fluent but better than anyone else in el jadida. Sobheya Abujoma in hay Salam next to hammam Istanbul. She s a generalist.

Thanks. Will pass that on to Charlene. Cheers.