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To whom it may be concerned
How can I start as a gynaecologist in Muscat?

Do you want to start independent practice or work in any hospital?

Dear sir or madam
thank you for your attention.
At the moment, I am looking for a part-time job as a gynaecologist in Oman.

Part time means... self practice or in hospital?

Why you look only for part time..why not full time?


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Dear sir or madam
In fact, my family is currently living in Iran,  I am not able to work all the time because every month I have to go back to my family for a couple of days. What are your working conditions? How many hours a week do you consider a full-time job?  I am willing to discuss possible alternatives to the arrangements I have proposed and I am also willing to work with you to make sure that this arrangement is mutually beneficial and effective.

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