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I am MBBS, PG Diploma ( Anesthesia) with 5 yrs exp from India.Could any body have idea about recruitment process and agencies in India for Oman.

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I am, a Doctor & Living in Oman since 2 yrs. Overall Oman is good place for Indian Doctors.I will advice you not to follow any recruitment agency,but contact & apply online to various Private  hospitals[e.g-Badr-al sama,stracare,kims,Apollo etc] of Muscat,Oman.Prefer Private Hospitals than Govt.Hosp.Private Hospitals will sponsor your Flight Tickets,Visa Fee,Accomodation, Transportation, Meals & you have to pass Ministry Of Health[MOH] Theory+Viva exam, to receive Medical License to practice in Oman.For specialist exam is not very tough.AND Never prefer to work in Interior/Desert part of Oman.Good Luck.

What is the difference in the job description of an specialist and senior medical officer in obstetrics in Oman. Are senior medical officer allowed to do cesarean section alone? Tnx

Dear Dr abhay, i'm orthopedic surgeon , cleared prometric, now got job offer in Muscat as specialist, planning moh oral exam this month end ,how is MOH oral exam , what do they expect.
Your guidance will help a lot.
Dr Parag

i am offered job as ortho specailist in Duqm.Oman.
is this place good to work or a remote or desert area?
this place is 700km from Muscut. Thanks.

Hi Dr.Parag.
                  i am also a Orthopaedic Surgeon.
                  from which hospital u got offer?
                  if u r in Hyderabad please let me know u r phone number and email id.
                  shortly i am also appearing for MOH,Viva in Ortho.

i am also from hyderabad can you please guide me

hello people can anyone help me out with ortho omsb theory exam I know all the procedure but want any materials to study w

Help me too

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hi evreyone
I am a 4th year med student from iran.
Do you suggest oman for a GP?

@drabhay is there any minimum experience requirement for a non-Omani doctor to work here?