Freelance visa

Can I work in Oman with a freelancer visa

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Till members guide you, have a look at the following article to know about visa types : Different types of visas for Oman

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assalamalaikom can i get freelance in oman, im in philippines right now.thank you who will response


There is no such thing as a freelance visa in Oman, you have to take a sponsorship, or you can apply for an investor visa.




i have a problem of my medical certificate because they cannot see the wafid result of my medical.i have already my CR.they said i cannot get visa if there will not appear the result of my medical

@Asif_Hassan. Please how can I get a sponsorship? I need visa for my sister. Am in,oman


Please how do I get a sponsor? I need a visa for my sister and my husband.

Please I need a visa. How do I get a sponsor?


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Have you contacted the Oman embassy ? or Oman authorities ?

What kind of visa are they looking for ? (work ?)