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Updated 2020-04-30 09:55

There is a demand for skilled labour in Oman, as the country continues to grow and expand. However, it is necessary to receive a job offer before travelling to the country, as expats are unable to work on visitor visas, and companies do not hire skilled expats if they are already in the country on other visa types, such a visitor visas.

If you are hired by an Omani company, they generally assist with your relocation, visa requirements, and will provide housing. It is important to confirm these details before planning your move.

Major industries

Major industries in Oman include oil and gas refinery and production, construction, industry (cement, steel, chemical production), and trade and commerce. As oil reserves lower, the country has been making a strong effort to diversify into other industries. Oman has developed incentives for certain types of businesses to open in the country, through the creation of several economic free trade zones.

Other industries include agriculture, pastoralism (camels, goats, and sheep), tourism, fishing, and infrastructure development.

How to find work

Finding work in Oman is extremely difficult, once you are already there. Job seekers are recommended to speak with recruitment companies in their home country or to apply directly to companies via the websites or HR departments. Generally, recruitment agencies do not operate in Oman. However, international recruitment agencies often work with Omani businesses to recruit international workers. If you have local contacts in the country, that can also be useful in job searches.

Skilled roles in Oman are in high demand, so ensure your CV and cover letter are up to date and showcase your skills in the best possible way. Consider getting a free CV review at TopCV.

Unskilled jobs, or roles requiring lower education levels, almost always go to Omanis, so do not count on casual work as a source of income as an expat. Work visas will not be granted for jobs such as these.

Once a company is interested in hiring a job applicant, they will provide more information on visa sponsorship options, accommodations, and relocation assistance. Job offers are often made on a contractual basis, for a specified amount of time.

Changing jobs

An important consideration to be aware of is the difficulty in changing jobs on a working visa. As Omani companies relocate workers at a large upfront financial expense, it is not received favourably if a worker wishes to work for another company. If you wish to switch jobs, you must make sure this is approved by your current employer, who will then issue a 'letter of no objection' to the new employer. This is not uncommon, but it is important to be respectful of your first employer. A valid sponsorship is required at all times if you are in the country on a work visa.

If your previous employer is not supportive of your job change, it is recommended to leave the country, and re-enter on a new visa, provided by your new employer.

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