2021 - Visa Transfer with the new system


As the NOC rule is revoked.

My question is, if you resigned from a company, and want to switch job in 2021,
What are the procedures to transfer your visa from the old company to the new one?

do you have to leave Oman and come back again or not?

also, do the new company request the old one to transfer the visa through the manpower portal?
if yes, do the old company have an option to reject? and what happens if it rejects?

I appreciate your clarification on this.


I have same question. I received a job offer from another company. The company is saying they will transfer work permit from ministry of manpower system.

The company said they will send transfer request to old employer and old employer needs to approve the request on the online system for transferring work permit.

However, at the same time the new company is saying no need to ask NOC from the old employer.

It looks like the overall process would still have hidden NOC in the system as the new employer cannot complete the transfer request until the old employer does not approve the request.

I think the new system would beneficiary for those who cancelled - exit the country and return back on new visa. To this, their will be no two years ban on the person.

But lets wait to get some more updates from the ministry in coming days.

I don't have a contract with my company!
I only have a residency.
Won't that help?

I was afraid of leaving the country and get banned for two years and cannot get back to Oman until 2022.

If the employer does not give NOC, absolutely he won't approve the visa transfer.

if the old employer does not approve to transfer, and NOC is not required, maybe the only chance is to leave Oman and get back in.
I hope there is a way to transfer without the need to leave Oman.

InshaAllah soon the ministry will update about the new rules how to change job without NOC.
The Oman has already promised that their will no NOC from the start of next year.

Let's wait for the updates.


Let us hope, and please update us on this post once you hear anything new in this regard.


Hi brother,
Its been 4 months past. What is the latest update ?

Hi Friends!

I am a Philipina working in Muscat as a housemaid. In the month of February 2021, my Visa expired. I told to my employer that my visa expired, he told me "no problem your visa will be renewed, you do not need to worry". But till now I am living without a visa.  Please let me know if I find any other new employer then who will be pay my visa fines? My Old employer or my new employer or it would be payable by my salary? Please let me know with Law reference.

If your sponsor is extending your visa stay every month then no need to pay fines at the time of exit or renewal.

Hi everyone can help me I'm working in Campany 8 years this time my Campany not give salary 4 moth my visa expires 3 month already I want to change my sponsor but Campany not allow please help me

Razib Hello!

Please  visit your country embassy & complain there. They will guide you, what to do next.


What is update about noc rule and if visa and contract both expire, how can swith job if old employer is not willing to transfer visa/ noc.

They don't consider expiration, because even after expire employer can pay fee for late and go for renewal. NOC is not required in papers but for visa tranfer you need employer support.

Therefore either should be final exit at airport or visa transfer letter within Oman (50 OMR fee). Or else you go back & wait 02 years.

If visa transfer letter not available, then after visa cancel, new employer can get visa or not? Or any way to prevent from 2 years ban.

Iam also waiting for the same


After proper cancellation of present visa & final exit, new employer can easily get new visa for you.


I begged him to cancel my visa before I came back to India, but he didn't. He was telling if he do so, I can come back under another sponsor, even if he don't want me.. Strange thought

Hi! Is the transfer letter always there as a choice? I mean, is it either exit or pay?

If the position was omanized and then transferred to another company with a different designation (more fitting in fact), is there a need to exit via airport (take note, PRO said that land border exit is not possible as the PRO has to be in the airport for cancellation)?

When can the transfer letter be used instead of exiting the country?


If you have obtain for internal visa tranfer without exiting the country, it is more easy & fee for it is 50OMR. You need NOC from former company & some other papers to apply for visa transfer and issuance of new Resident card.



Good Day!

hope you can help me

just want to know if I quit my job here in oman is there any payment to my company.

is this legal if  my company ask to me the reimbursement  of cost (renewing visa)

I complete my 2yrs. and 6months

Thanks and Regards!

Hello sir,
I am working here in Muscat already 3 years 6 months now,i want to change my visa after finish my contact ,so i can change visa to another company without NOC or not ? There must need permission from old sponsor?

Thanks and regards

My Visa is due for renewal in about 2 months and I will be completing 2 years shortly in Oman with some employer. I doubt if my current employer will provide NOC or Release letter if I have to switch employer.

Wondering if could advise the best way forward. Should I complete my current 2 years Visa tenure with my current employer and will this eliminate the NOC requirement? OR should I consider exiting Oman and follow due Visa cancellation process from existing employer, will this help me get back ASAP on a new Visa from a different employer. I hope we don't have to wait for 2 years outside of Oman, please could you clarify.


the 2 year rule is no longer applicable now. You can come back immediately once you exit after completing your contract.

The NOC in the form of letter is no longer applicable. However, digitally NOC is still required if you leave in between your contract.

So if you have a 2 year contract (from Jan 2019 to Dec 2020) and you want to go to your new employer in even Oct 2020, when the new employer registers your in the Ministry portal, your existing employer will be intimated of your change in visa and they will have to approve it from the same portal. Once approved, the visa is automatically transferred. That is what I mean by digital NOC.

However, if you want to leave after your contract ends i.e. Dec 2020, you can simply complete your contract, exit the country (with the exit stamp which would mean you are no longer working with your existing company) and come back in your new employer's visa by the next week. NOC will not be required from your existing employer in this case.

Many thanks Shoebshaikh, much appreciated and really useful.

Bro in my case I came to oman by 18 Jan 2018 and cancelled the visa and came back to india by Jan 2020 by proper exit.Now I got a new job in oman. But while applying for new visa the system shows that I need NOC.

So is it still required or no

My case is different

I had 9 months temporary visa

U gone for old visa. Or new visa.

Thank so much you have clarified alot. My question is my visa/ contract ends January 2022, I left oman in April n resigned my job. But left without visa cancelation, can I apply for new visa with new employer after current visa ends. Or still require noc?

@Asif_Hassan and no need to obtain an NOC from the previous employer?

Hi sir,I came oman in 2022.i transfered visa in one year.now in my second company  complete 1 year.the employer refuse to pay me 2 months salary saying that business loss. now I got hired by another company.

Question 1.should I required noc from current employer

Question 2.Is my employer have rights to deducte my salary for visa and other expenses like medical accommodation, uniform,etc

Please please help me

@London Club


Unlike before there are some situations where employees do not need NOCs to transfer their visas by in-contry applications,  but you don't seem to be falling in any of those criteria as your current agreement is still continuing. Thus, for transfer of your visa to the new employer,  you would need NOC from the current employer.

However, as per the new Labour Law in Oman all the expenses regarding visa etc., are to be borne by the employers, thus, in case of visa cancellation or transfer of sponsorship the employers cannot LEGALLY claim back those expenses.

Hope the above helps.!