Emergency leave

hi sir.
I want emergency leave but not provide my company  what should i do and what rules of oman labour law for foreigner person plz help sir

I think this is something you better sort out with your company.

According to Oman Labour Law, you are entitled to 6 days Emergency Leave Annually. But whether you shall get it or not; its your Employer's decision.

Here is a copy of Oman Labour Law for your reference, if you wish to read.

Hi vijaykumargupta,

First and foremost, it must be noted by all expatriate employees (more so by those coming from the Asian continent and its neighborhoods), that they are not slaves and the employers / sponsors are not their masters.

Nor have the expatriate employees sold their souls to gain this employment. And no employee can be held back by force or by coercion. This would amount of kidnapping !

You have every right to complain to the Ministry of Manpower about what your employer is doing. You don't even have to physically visit their office, but can file an online complaint.

You are also free to formally lodge a complaint with the Indian Embassy against your employer by citing clear reasons.

Also, it would help you to read through the many posts in this forum on very similar cases, which have been discussed at length before.

Please, can domestic workers go for emergency leave in home country after 90days. And again, will the employer pay for air tickets. Thanks