Medical Fitness Testing for Oman employment

Updated 2015-07-27 14:48

Where to go?

Step 1. Getting the GAMCA (Gulf CC Approved Medical Centers' Association )slip.

GAMCA centers in India are located at Bengaluru (Phone: 91-80-41753896), Mangaluru ( 91-824-2425056), Lucknow ( 91 522 2616475), Mumbai ( 91-22-23000741/ 43), Jaipur ( 91-141-4031291), Ahmedabad ( 91-79-30003499), Delhi ( 91 11 41588586), Kolkata ( 91 33 40043347/ 48), Hyderabad ( 91-40-64605545), Trichy, Calicut, Cochin, Chennai, Trivendrum.

What documents are required?

Original Passport is the only document required. But you need to go there personally as they take your biometric (finger prints) & your picture before issuing the slip.

Do I need to pay any fees?

No. GAMCA slip is available free of cost. The process takes only a few minutes.

What is the validity of the GAMCA slip?

60 days. You have to get the testing done within that period.

Step 2. Go to GCC-affiliated Medical center

How to find GCC-affiliated Medical center?

The Medical center name & contact details are mentioned in the GAMCA slip itself. (that also means that you can not go to a center of your choice)

What documents are required at the GCC-affiliated Medical center?

The original GAMCA slip, a photocopy of the same, & five passport-size photographs with blue background as per the Omani rule (Visa & Offer letter are not mandatory).

What formalities are done before testing?

Your snap & biometric are taken for cross verification with GAMCA center.

Step 3. Medical testing

What the laboratory tests are done?

>>Urine: Sugar, Albumin, Bilharziasis (if endemic).

>>Blood: Blood grouping, Hemoglobin (should not be below 10g/dL), Thick film (for Malaria & Microfilaria), RBS (random blood sugar), Liver function test (SGOT & SGPT) & Kidney function test (creatinine).

>>Serology: HIV 1 & 2 (ELISA), HBsAg, Anti-HCV, VDRL for Syphilis, TPHA (if VDRL positive)

>>Chest radiograph (X-ray)

>>Pregnancy test is done for females.

What physical examination is done?

1. Height, Weight, Blood Pressure

2. Auscultation of chest using a stethoscope.

3. Past history of any major surgery is noted down

4. History of drug allergy is noted down.

5. Vision in both eyes is tested separately. You will be asked to count the black dots on white background standing at a distance of 6 meters approx.

6. Testing for color blindness (only for professional drivers, industrial workers, etc.) using Ishihara charts.

7. Signs & symptoms of Veneral (means, sexually-transmitted) diseases are casually looked for.

8. Signs & symptoms of Psychiatric disorders are casually looked for.

What formalities are done after testing?

Payment of the medical testing fees (Rs.3800 per individual). You will be given an acknowledgement slip.

What is the time required for the whole process of medical testing?

Approximately 1-2 hours (depends on how busy is the center on that day).

Step 4. Collecting the Medical report

When can I get the report?

Mostly on the next working day. It is advisable that you make a phone call to the center before visiting them.

Do I need to be there personally while collecting the report?

Not necessarily. However, the person collecting the report should be able to produce the acknowledgement slip at the reception counter.

What all could be the reasons for getting declared as "medically unfit"?

-Anaemic individuals (Hemoglobin below 10g/dL)

-Presence of an infectious disease (HIV/ Hepatitis-B/ Hepatitis-C)

-Evidence of Tuberculosis on chest X-ray: any abnormal lung shadow (or "scar"), pleural thickening, pleural effusion suggestive of TB

-Sexually transmittable disease like Syphilis

-Uncontrolled diabetes (very high blood sugar levels)

-Uncontrolled hypertension (very high blood pressure)

-Liver or kidney disease (elevated liver enzymes & creatinine level)

-Neurological or psychiatric diseases

-Major deformities or handicap

-Evidence of skin diseases like leprosy, psoriasis (on physical examination)

-Pregnant females

So friends, make sure that you don't have clinical signs or laboratory evidence of the conditions listed above. Get your BP/Sugar under control if you are a diabetic or hypertensive. Those who've suffered a heart attack (myocardial infarction) in the past don't have to worry.... If you are diseased, please get yourself treated for Anemia, Pneumonia, Malaria, Filariasis, Leprosy, Psoriasis, Heart failure, Psychiatric condition, Hernia, Hydrocele, Ascities & Jaundice before undergoing medical testing. Almost all of the conditions can be fully treated except old lung scars on X-ray.

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