NOC still needed or not

I lost my job last year April.
I am Indian and I would like to know whether it possible to travel back to Oman and work in another company. My contract had ended by April 2021.
Is NOC required or I have to wait for 2 years again..
Scrapped NOC or still we need NOC to enter into a new job.
Kindly replay
D S Nair,

No clarity. I suggest look for some better country. There is no long term secure future for expats in Oman.

So ur visa got cancelled automatically or sponsor cancelled it?

My contract ended last may 6. I applied to a lot of companies and they ask about NOC. They said it's still needed. So i talked to my previous company to give me. But they don't want due to company policy. So my new employer told me he will try to get me a visa without NOC. There is uncertainty about it. But i am hoping they can get me visa 🙏🏻

Hope you have got visa, if you got  without Noc, kindly share it.

As per my latest findings, one cannot change job before their existing visa expires in system if current employer is not giving NOC. Or if employee is asked to leave new employer cannot apply visa for him till their current visa expires in ROP system.

What if it was cancelled? Not expired. Only they cancel it when i left Oman

You mean, no need Noc if visa is expiring, new employer will not ask about NOC.

You can come back only after the date your visa was supposed to expire. Only after that date new sponsor can apply your visa. And if your visa wasn't cancelled by employer, then I don't have clarity. But someone said they cannot come back. So make sure your visa is cancelled before your leave Oman if you want to come back.

Yes. You will not need NOC if your Visa is expired. They have a clause that if contract gets over expat will not need NOC. This contract refers to current Visa and does not matter how many earlier contracts one has completed. The current visa should be expire in order to change the employer.

My employer didn't cancelled my visa, even he don't want me. I begged him to cancel my visa. At last I came back without cancelling and it has been 7 months iam of the country and it got automatically cancelled. Expiry date of my visa is December 2021.they know now if they cancel we can come back to another sponsor. He was not giving Noc and not cancelling also. What to do. Iam also waiting for my visa to expire


I have worked in Oman for last 3 years ,I still have 10 months of visa period, now I got another offer in oman, the company denied to give NOC,/local transfer.
So is there any rule I will exit properly from Oman through my company and again come back to Oman in a week ??

But if NoC is given then no need of expiry the visa

There is no way you can exit and come back on new visa by next week if your current employer or sponsor has chosen not to give you NOC/local transfer. You will need to be out of the country till your Visa expires in ROP system. So in your case you will have to be out for 10 months then your new employer can apply new visa for you.

In my case, iam out of the country since 9 months and sponsor didnt cancelled my visa. My visa expires on 31st December. After that should I be able to apply for new visa.?? As my visa not cancelled by him I'm confused

It might be a problem for you. If visa is not cancelled then I suggest you come back to Oman get your visa cancelled and then return. Coz as far as i know, if visa is not cancelled it will be problem for you to come back to Oman even after your visa period is over.

I too agree with this

Dear All,

NOC is not applicable but Visa cancellation is must. Because you cannot obtain new visa if your old visa is valid or even expired. Because system will connect your passport to old visa & company. or you wait for 02 years.

So make sure whenever leaving any company that they submit papers for your visa cancellation at airport (normally with PRO) , cancellation is stamped on your old visa & your resident card is collected at airport.

Even within Oman you may not need NOC but still need your company support (documents ) to cancel your current visa & issue new.

Hope it helps.

Dear Sir
I don't think so. We need NoC to swap visa when we are in Oman

The new name fot NOC  is online release or visa transfer. Bottom line is “doesn't matter what your talent or skills are you are still at the mercy of existing employer”

Means still visa transfer letter need, in oman even contract and visa expire😥

I'm working 8 years a company my visa is expire 5 months next month I'm go back my country cancel
Can I enter oman again or still waiting 2 years


You always need employer support for Visa Transfer , If not properly done exit procedure or face 02 years ban.

Dear sir or madam I need your advice

I'm working 8 year a company after I'm come back my country cancel can I re entry Oman again a new sponsor visa without NOC please anyone explain

you can by applying for a tourist visa

So after one enters on tourist visa, than what? Can that be transferred to new work visa?

I left Oman after an injury prior to end of visa. Current visa will end in January, can I return under new sponsor on new work visa with out NOC? Obviously old sponsor wont issue noc nor willing to cancel. Any hope on returning?

Another question, is NOC an actual letter submitted with new visa application, or is it only online now?

If contract expire still I need NOC


Dear Sir,
     I have one doubt I worked 2 years at one company at Oman and I completed my 2 years work and all procedures also done at airport. And finally cancellation seal also done.. but one new company offering me. But they telling  we need NOC.. why like that?

Noc needed still in oman for expats for changing sponsor

Hello sir

I worked for 10 years in a company December 2020 my visa  and contract finished I have resigned. company is not given me settlement money.I was forced to sue the company. in April 2021 .Then I won the September 2021.When I was coming to the country.I asked at the airport cancellation department I have to come back to Oman I need noc ? He was tell me no need.But they telling  we need NOC.. why like that?

If you completed your contract and existed then NoC is not necessary

But I am apply for visit visa My request has been rejected.

Check your contact is cancelled or not

Check what your employer reported for you

noc is still needed in oman, even if you 2 year visa period has been completed .

No need