Leave job and freelance

hi all,

i got my employment visa after a one year search of job in oman. i have independently supported a company to establish in india in web development . i am good at web development ike simple website and e-commerce website etc.

i am not comfortable with the work here as there are so many reasons to note and also i am not paid on time and my knowledge is also not usefull here. i had got many opportunity where i would happily work for but because of visa i need to join here . now every day i feel why i am here.

i am thinking to do a freelancing independently as so many had approched me when i dint had job , but due to visa i had rejected.

now if i want to move ahead as a freelancer leaving my job what are the steps i will have to follow .

Hi saveron,

Freelancing for a living in Oman - is not an option. It is consider as an illegal activity.

By law, you are allowed to only work for the sponsor whose name is printed on your resident card.

If you are caught working elsewhere during a surprise Ministry of Manpower labour check, you could get hauled to the jail, made to serve a short sentence, and then deported to your country of origin,  on your return to Oman.

All these might sound rather ominous, but this is the rule of the land.

Yes, despite these strict laws in place many still do freelance. And because of harsh anti-freelancing laws, many unscrupulous companies / individuals take advantage of the freelancer. They will commission and will get all the work done and will pay little, or nothing, that too after much chasing. And the freelancer cannot go and complain anywhere about this.

And to survive here solely on freelancing income can only remain a dream.

I have written more about it in much greater detail elsewhere in the forum. If you can locate it and read, you will find helpful information which you can certainly use.