Ban on run away

Hello everyone. I was offered a job at the MOH Oman as Labtech but I have a concern.  Way back 2010 I was deported from Qatar because I ran away from my employer I was a Domestic Helper before before I studied medtech. My question is, can I still go and work to Oman even if I am a run away? I checked in the immigration and they say that I don't have derogatory charges aside from I cannot come back to Qatar. And the problem is that I don't have arrival record in the immigration. Can somebody help me what to do or how can I solve this. Thank you very much for your answer.
Hi there,

each GCC country has their own immigration record. You can go to Oman , just check with your sponsor for any requirements.


Given your comments that you ran way without your sponsor's consent, if you were reported to the police in Qatar by your sponsor as absconding you are likely to be banned from entering Qatar. There is likelihood they may not have the previous record as it is long ago. If you dont have the definite information about your previous run away in Qatar and the potential subsequent proceedings lodged by your sponsor, its good practice that you make a police check tagging with your passport and the old Qatari resident card. The search will reveal the full history including the present status about your immigration history i.e. if you are still blacklisted or any ban on your entry to Qatar.

Apart from reporting you to Qatari police as absconding, your sponsor may have instituted a theft case and other criminal cases of the similar nature which may have led to the court conviction in Qatar including the arrest order against you. It is also possible such order from Qatari Court has been communicated to all GCC countries through INTERPOL (GCCPOL) (Please read my thread "Called by INTERPOL?") in which case you will be arrested whenever and wherever you land in any of the  GCC countries and will be brought back to Qatar in order to have you imprisoned under the Qatari court order.

Unless you are 100% sure there is no arrest order or criminal judgement against you, you SHOULD not arrive in any of the airports in any GCC countries including Oman.

Hope the above helps.

Sponsir is miss using runaway option. As per new rule no NOC need to finish contract..soonsors r putting runaway without knowledge to the employee if they do not agree to renew.

What can be done

Good Day Everyone ,

anyone here can give me advice or who can tell me what are the things i need to do.

to make it short i am 2 years here in oman and will expire my visa next year january 25th.

i didnt finish my contract to this family i only work for them in 2months because THIS BABBA do something bad to me and not only once but THRICE. so i tell his son to bring me back to my agency to transfer other sponsor but this agency failed to give a good one until they closed by the ministry of labour.

in that case i dont see any chance who will help me because of my agency was closed and totally disregard workers.

in order for me to lived i do part time and in all over muscat until i saved money for my ticket and go back home.  now i found out  that my passport at EMBASSY (POLO) now i wanna know if i can go back home i will pay for my ticket? anyone can answer and give advice MUCH APPRECIATED GOD BLESS