New gratuity Law

Would Request to kindly Clarify on the New Gratuity Law for Expats in Private Sectors

1. The updated regulations state that expatriates in the public sector are paid one month's gratuity for every year served in that organization. Up to 10 months' salary can be paid as gratuity for workers from grades one to six,
2.  up to 12 months for those employed between grades seven and 14.

* The total value of compensation, however, cannot exceed OMR12,000.

Please Elaborate on Case 1 Grade 1 to 6 & Case 2 Grade 7 to 14
Gratuity would be calculated based on the Last Basic Salary or Net total Salary.


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I landed in Oman on the 11th of September 2021. Before I came, Human Resources told me that I would receive an end of service gratuity. I asked, "what is that?" They replied, "You will get one monthly salary for every year that you complete in Oman." It sounded great, until I reached Oman and found out that the gratuity that is being given is not a full salary. My company is giving something called a "basic salary," which is only approximately 50% of your total monthly salary. So, for example, if your monthly salary is OMR 2,000, your "basic salary" will be "approximately"  OMR900 per year that you complete. Of course depending on your allowances and other benefits that are deducted from your "Full Salary." For me, all of this double talk is a deal breaker! I'm outta here!

Haha Good Response . H.R let the cat out of the bag.
Better to have Clarity on these Key Issues mentioned on the Work Agreement or appointment letter prior to signing up with the employer.


@Ultravoid 12,000 Omr is the total you are allowed to receive as an end of service or is it based on your salary?

Does this also apply for a high salary earner? 12k?

@Ultravoid No, its not true, gratuity law is same as before, first 3 years 50% of your basic salary then full basic salary for every year served at company.

@jonathanmartin14 whole thread is based on false information. nothing has changed

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so i understand that gratuity in Oman would be paid 30 days basic per year and this is only applicable for expats and this is not applicable for locals