MOH Oman Viva Exam

Do you need data flow verification result prior to scheduling for viva exam or just the job offer? Thank you.

Dataflow is after you clear MOH viva

@paragparadkar Thanks for the information. So, what's the requirement for MOH viva exam and how to get a schedule? Thanks Sir.

U need to have job offer, your employer will submit application to MOH, and schedule your viva date

actuallay i want to know about the validity duration of oman prometric exam for pharmacist it 6 month or one year ...reply me soon ...
thanking you sir

It's 6 months

thank you for ur frnds informed me that ..rulea about validity is chaged nowdays...its changed to one year...if u got any information ragarding that ....plz...inform me
thanking you

first you will have to appear in written test or pro metric followed by viva to get license in order to work in MOH Oman.
Data flow is later requisition after you start your job.

Please assist me how can i apply for prometric,i have completed bsc nursing with 4years experience

@sucharita. You can apply online

sucharita :

Please assist me how can i apply for prometric,i have completed bsc nursing with 4years experience

don't worry it is easy to apply either by yourself or private educational services office, but you have to be sure you choose the nearest exam centre for your place and you have a credit card to pay electronically.
for any help just ask

What are the common questions in MOH Oman VIVA EXAM for NURSES? Thanks.

Sir, I am lab technician, next month attended for interview viva in oman, no idea which type of question asking... Can you help me please sir,

Genera questions ofoman nursingviva

Dear all,

For health professionals who want to work in Oman should click on the link and read the literature.

Thank you all.

John Lanyon … msFAQs.pdf

for attending the viva exam data flow is required ?

I have passed the prometric exam. Data flow is going on. What is the next step in getting a job in salalah? Do I need job offer for attending viva? Somebody told me that I have to clear the viva to get a job

Pls Dr what materials did u study with for the prometric, pls I need guidiance for oman Gp prometric thanks

Hi brother I came to Oman last weak I’m also labtechnician can u plz suggest me for viva topics which type they will ask us

Hi Aniubana..I am also giving gp exam ....did u start preparing?

R u a gp??doc?

Xxfari am just reading what I can, preparing for the GP prometric though not written it yet.

Yes I am

When r u planning to giv?n wht abt viva exam any idea abt dat?

What books r u following

Xxfari hopefully by September

Hi everyone, I ve already mentioned abt the viva and placement in my threads, u can go through tat chapters for viva and how to answer as gp, all the best

Hi i am in oman for my MOH exam can somebody who has appeared for the same exam can  help me out for the procedures

Hello good day , I am about to take the exam next week . Can you give some topics that you encountered in the exam? And how many items would it be , is it 70 or 100?

Thank you and best regards.

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