MOH Oman Viva Exam

If you have a sponser they should arrange an online viva exam for you via zoom. Good luck

AM629NRS wrote:

I have passed prometric test and data flow of oman. I want to come to oman for viva exam but due to corona restrictions, I can't.
What should I do?

Can you share the materials you used for Oman exam ? Which books ?

Vmp wrote:

Hi everyone, I ve already mentioned abt the viva and placement in my threads, u can go through tat chapters for viva and how to answer as gp, all the best

Hello can you guide us in detail about the examination procedure and step by step the viva techniques .. which questions they asked and how u answered and were they helpful ? .. sorry to ask Hess questions but will be very helpful if someone write their experience in detail .. it will be rewarding .. thx a lot doctor

Hey doc,
  Iam not scaring  you,I really don't under which performance criteria they pass you.because I attended viva with 12 doctors but only 2 cleared the exam!
I studied emergency book pdf which I got it from my friend who works here,and oxford  handbook of general practice in and out,read few basic drugs and dosage and its interaction ,and my viva experience  there where 3 examiners for me, one doctor started discussion as 'she is a 33yrs old female came with c/o lower abdomen pain' and it was a interacting type like in mrcp and plab case discussion, I dragged the topic to ectopic pregnancy  had few discussion I that topic,2nd case was like she is a mother for 5yrs old boy and he has fever for 3 days and not settle with paracetamol. And it was a interaction ..present the topic as History taking/summarising/diff Diagnosis/management..3rd doctor asked me "how to Diagnosis dm/how will you manage/ when will I not prescerib metformin/types of insulin / Why its short acting/ longacting,what is the dosage adjusment for insulin..for others they showed ecg of svt ,you have start by asking like"what is the patienst presentation and goes with discussion ,uti managent, hope this helps you

Thanks a lot doc, it really means a lot , can I add you personally if in case want some more help during this procedure.. thx a lot

How can i apply for the viva exam after the prometric


I have dataflow verification report already 

Absconding case expat

@paragparadkar I've done dataflow and passed prometric

did anyone took zoom online  viva exam recently? if so kindly share the experience.

7 month gap is a problem  for applying  viva for pharmacist

Have anyone done the moh exam for physicians? Please i want to ask a few questions.

which site we can get a time for viva exam


I need a MoH Viva exam and a General Practitioner job offer in Oman

Hello all,

I need a General Practitioner job offer in Oman.

I have passed the OMSB General Practice Prometric Exam and I have a Positive DataFlow PSV Report.