Work Permit Transfer without NOC (1st January, 2021)

According to recent amendment in foreign residence law, the NOC is not required from 1st January 2021 for changing employment.

I would appreciate if someone can answer which documents are required for work permit transfer?

1. My contract with current employer is only for 1 year. The one year contract is going to finish in next 20 days.

2. The future employer has already labour clearance.

3. Should I need to show proof of "end of contract"?

4. My employer has accepted the resignation. Can I use the resignation acceptance letter from current employer as a proof for "end of contract".

5. Any additional documents. Kindly let me know.


Until 31/12/2020 you can't switch job without NOC.

If you can stay in oman until January, then you can switch job.

You won't need anything from your previous employer.

Hi..I am female employee. Just two months before I got a sales job opportunity. And I transfer my family Visa to employment visa. However in this two months I didn't got salary and I even didn't ask for that because of the pandemic. Now he has terminated me by saying that he cannot bear the expense and is not willing to give me Noc and said I will provide NOC after you exit. Now my family including kid is here. He said he doesn't want to loose his Visa permit for that I have to exit. Is that true. Can anyone help me out here as from jan there is no bar for NOC and also is it applicable for getting family visa again.

I advise you to get NOC in this case, he wants to terminate you for his reasons, and you don't want to leave the company. So Ministry of Man Power will usually stand on your side for such cases.

If you leave Oman now without getting NOC, you will be banned to enter Oman for two years (according to the existing rule), and no one is 100% sure if in January 2021, the people who are already banned whether they will be allowed to get back to Oman or not.
What the new rule says is that you don't need NOC starting from next year.

New rule is only for employment visa but not for switching work visa to family visa.

For your case better to get NOC.

The best way is, you tell your employer that you are staying with family and leaving immediately is difficult, so give you time for 2-3 months without salary.   Then he will be agree I think.  Then in January, you can find out a job and change to that visa, because from January you no need a NOC to change to new sponsor.

Hello, my resident visa has expire from September, could I switch other job without pay any fine or NOC???

Thankyou.  My employer was asking me to exit and later he will pay the salary. But I asked for my settlement first. Now he is not responding my call. I am also not in hurry as I don't want to exit in December and looking for another job option. But please let me know what will be my Full and final including compensation. As he terminates me after 2 months in probation period. Thankyou

Hello good afternoon, I'm michael cabanting,,
I'm work in Oman has been 5yrs from the present
So this my question,,I need to canceled my contract now   
Example I will do cancel then I will do exit to any country it's is possible to back here in Oman

Cannot. I have the same issue. Please look at my new post. Thank you

I am working in a company in Muscat Oman (joined last year 2020) and I received an offer from another company and the new employer is demanding for NOC and need to know whether NOC is actually required to change one company and another in same country Or Any other option is there without NOC.

I have the same issue. I left the country and cancelled my visa. Now i got job offers but they required NOC. So i ask my previous employer. They said they will not give. So im still stuck in my country 😩

Hi I'm new here I'm a housemaid and my contract will be done by January and I want to apply other job, is it possible even my employer not giving NOC?

I think only Oman Government can answer this I hope they give us attentions because we all knew that we need to live too like locals here and we're trying to reach our dreams or pursue what we wanted for our family Im really hoping this country will be fair to each other. Thank you