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I know many people in my home city, Shiraz, who are seeking jobs in Oman. They are internal designers, welders, engineers both mechanical and construction, frogman, chefs, and so forth. Could anyone assist me in finding answers for the following questions:

1. Are Iranians allowed to work in Oman?
2. Are Iranians are employed by employers in Oman?
3. What sorsts of jobs are Iranians usually accomodated to?
4. Do you know anyone who wish to employ Iranians? I am looking for a reliable person.

Hi Nabil,

1. Yes , Many Iranians are not only working here but many Iranian companies are doing business here.
2. Yes they do.
3. Almost every kind of Job, except government organisation, which are obviously for locals.
4. There are many Iranian companies working here, construction, consultancies, Food chains, Clinics & hospitals., you can check on internet.

Hope you got your answers.

Dear Asif,

Many thanks for your kind and prompt response.

Dear Sir

I am from Iran and educated with M.A of Economics and B.A of Insurance Management from an international college here.

Will you please advise or  help to find a suitable job in  insurance,Commerce,  and economic studies.

I can refer you other people as colleagues or friends in insurance and other businesses from other countries to recommend .

Naser … t-visa-ban

Dear Mr Asif

Thanks for your guide in visa ban list. Is this for all professionals abroad moving to Oman or just from your website I mean? I am seeking job in insurance ,is there any other job in insurance or commerce for example export specialist for example? I am also in economic analysis too,

I also teach Iranian music as teacher .As well as I am  Persian-English transltor  .Could there be a vacancy ?

Finally , what are your recommendations to find jobs and where which the chance of gaining is more.

Thanks and Regards


Dear Naser,

I believe there are different forums to apply for opportunities here.
Explore different option and Job websites .i.e. LinkedIn, Go to Gulf,, Oman Forums on FB (where I can find...).

I will also check with my circle if I can come up with some opportunities for you.


Dear Asif

Thank you again for your reply. I will appreciate your kind help if you can find any vacancy. By the way, one of my classmate of B.A program in international college of insurance was from Pakistan( among others) who started from Oman and now he is CEO in an American  insurance company in Dubai, as one of my references in my resume .But he does not have idea of  helping about vacancies for me.



Dear Asif ,

i have more than 30 years of  experiences at the sugar factories in different positions such as  sugar technologist , production manager and so on. I would like to work at the sugar refinery factory in Oman.

May you help me to find a job there?

Thank you so much.

Best regards

Nader Noorizadeh

@nnoori1965 check me email;***

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Hello everyone,

If you are looking for a job, please create your CV in the Jobs in Oman section of the website.

You will also find valuable infos in the Work in Oman articles of the Guide, make sure you read  them

All the best