Viva exam

Iam recently get job offer at private clinic oman
I heard about viva exam what is it ? How differ from prometric ? What is the costs
Finally tell me the life costs in oman shinas state
Thank you

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I am a Registered Nurse and had passed my prometric exam, and I am coming to Oman to take Viva test on the 5th of May this year. Can anyone give me a hint what viva test would like be?
Thank you and appreciate your assistance.
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Hello goodday
I schedule for viva exam for nurse
May i know anyone here who already took the oral exam
Can u give me some hint or advices
What do i need to review
Or how was it going the oral exam
I hope i can get a feedback thank u

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Regarding viva test/oral exam theres nothing you have to worry about, the questions that has been asked when I had my viva test Last May 21 of this year was all about emergency nursing since I firstly mentioned to the interviewer that I have nearly 5 years of experience as an E.R nurse. There is no really particular set of questions, they may ask you anything under the sun related to your work experience. So just let them feel that you are a SAFE nurse, and be confident as if you know everything:D be clear to all of your explanations. Above all, have Faith:)
Trust Him more than yourself:)

(also be updated about BLS/ACLS, Trauma -proper management of any trauma patients*the JAW THRUST MANEUVER,if suspected with cervical injury and more:)
hope all of these will help you.
Goodluck then.

Thank you and godbless always

hello maam, finish na po kayo sa viva exam?

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Questions about viva exams oman nurse

kindly guide about the oral exam for physio

Hello,for attending viva exam it's necessary to pass prometric for GP.


How do you schedule for viva exam?

Could you explain the steps for me?
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Hi am in oman and in faMily visa (cleared just before 2days) got my job offer but to appear for viva  pcc is needed, should I get it from rop Or my home country?