Extended visa ban !

Hi everyone!

I am Anne-Lise from the Expat.com editorial team. Have you seen the latest on the expat visa ban in Oman? We've just featured a story on our magazine detailing the professions concerned by the ban!

We aim to be as helpful to our expat community as possible so do not hesitate to send through your thoughts, suggestions and comments!

Have a great day!

Hi Anne-Lise,

Well done and that's a great effort !

It would be of much help to those expatriates who may be looking at taking up new jobs in the Sultanate.

To make the site even more sticky for the users, it would be wonderful if, likewise, you could compile some sections of those annoyingly oft-asked queries.

For example, I see  the following questions asked (on a very regular and recurring basis), even though the answers have been provided multiple times :

(1) Do I need a NOC to come back after resigning my job ?
(2) Child registration formalities - how to go about it ?
(3) GAMCA medical test - where to take ?
(4) Employer has not paid me. What should I do ?
(5) Employer is illtreating me. What should I do ?
(6) I got another job in UAE. Can I go without cancelling my visa ?
(7) If I go without informing my employer would I get into any trouble ?

Oh, there are so many more such repetitive questions which get posted on a very regular basis on this forum.

If only there is a repository where such discussions are compiled in some sequence, it would be very easy for the new users to be directed to such sections so that they do not end up asking the same questions time and time again.

Sumitran, thanks for your suggestion. I will contact you via private message to discuss this. :)

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