Any website available to check the Oman VIsa cancellation status

Hi is there any website available to check my Oman visa has been cancelled or not or any other method to check the same ?

Hi Kiran v Dhar,

There is only one way to know if the employment visa has been cancelled or not. That is to confirm the same from your employer's / sponsor's PRO.

No one else would know for sure since if the employment visa has been cancelled, then it would have to be done only by the PRO and by nobody else.

Sir actually I completed my 2 years contract and my visa has been cancelled in the airport itself by putting cancelled seal on my passport. And my labour card has-been taken back . Does that mean everything has been finished ?

Hi Kiran v Dhar,

As far as you are concerned, if the Resident Card has been taken back and the Employment Visa is stamped twice across with the 'cancelled' seal, then it is all done.

You have nothing more to do with the last employer, or sponsor, or even the Sultanate anymore - at least for the next two years.

How to checkomanvisacancel


You don't need to check, if its already stamped cancel in your passport. just if you want to go back, apply for fresh visa, either by yourself or sponsor in case of employment visa.
Because once they have cancelled at airport and taken back resident card, its already cancelled in system.

Hello sir I have 1 year left for my visa and I have come to India by canceling from the company, can I come back to Oman, another company is calling me, please reply me

Hello Ajay Thakur,

Please note that this is an old thread !

However as said by Asif and Sumitran

1) Was your passport stamped "cancel" ?

2) What happened to your resident card ?

Have you called your ex employer ?