Regarding Oman driving license renewal and ID card renewal

Hi,my resident visa (ID card) is expiring on 24th February 2024 and I'm planning to cancel the visa, an I've temporary driving license with validity of 1year, which will expire in 09th April 2024. I saw that I can only start renewing my license 30 days before expiry, i.e from 09th March on wards.. also my visa has a Grace period of 30 days after expiry, i.e until around 24th of March 2024.

So in my visa renewal grace period, my license renewal window opens.. I heard that without valid resident visa I can't renew license. My doubt is that can I renew my driving license in the 30 days grace period of visa expiry?

Because I may go to Saudi after canceling Oman visa, and I can easily convert Oman license in Saudi, but it must be valid..

Please help me as I couldn't find anything regarding this online!

your license will not be renewd as soon as your visa expires, but you can renew the driving license before your visa expires, even if the drivibg license is still valid

@Wasan.I Thank you for your reply. But when I checked ROP website regarding license renewal it is mentioned that the license can be renewed only 30 days before the license expiry date and until 30 days after the expiry date. ie. total of 2 months.

Can you please confirm whether can we renew the license even before the 30 days of expiry date. my ID card expires 45 days before license renewal date.

Actually i cant confirm, but i remember a similar situation happened with me 2 years ago, but i cant remember how long the period was between expiry and renewal, but if its mentioned on the website, then this is the rule. you can go to the police station and ask them what do they suggest to do if you're going to be outside the country when the driving license expires. good luck.