Oman: The visa ban further extended for these professions

Published 2 weeks ago

The expat visa ban was first announced in January 2018 with the aim to reduce local unemployment. Since then, it has been renewed once and extended to several other professions. It is being renewed for another six months.

As part of the new Omanisation policy, the Omani Ministry of Manpower had, in January, 2018, announced that several sectors of the economy could not hire expatriates anymore, according to the Khaleej Times. At the end of April, this ban has been renewed for the second time for another six month. The aim being to decrease unemployment levels for Omanis.

According to the Times of Oman, tens of thousands of Omanis have found a job since the first decree was issued for the ban causing the expat population to drop since the introduction. Oman and other Gulf countries are known to be particularly attractive to expatriates because of the significant salaries. In 2013, expats made up 71% of the labor market in Oman. According to Arab News, almost 70, 000 expats have left the job market in Oman since the decree. The Omanisation program follow a regional push from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to increase employment of their citizens.

This time around, the ban has been extended to the construction and cleaning industries although there are a few exceptions for Small and Medium Enterprises for example. This brings the list of professions which cannot be filled by foreign workers to 87. These are the professions included in the expat visa ban, according to the Times of Oman.

Information and Technology

1. Information Security Specialist

2. Geographic Information System Specialist

3. Electronic Computer Networks

4. Programmed Machines Maintenance - Electronic

5. Electronic Calculator maintenance

6. Graphic Designer

7. Electronic Surveillance - Equipment Assembly

8. Electronics Technician - Telecom

9. Electronics Technician - Control Instrument

10. Electronic Technician - Medical Equipment

11. Electronics Technician Broadcast

12. Electronic Technician - Programmed Machines

13. Electronic Technician - Computer Networks

14. Computer Programmer

15. Computer Engineer

16. Computer operator

Accounting and Finance

1. Bank Notes and Money changer

2. Bank notes technician

3. Account Auditing technician

4. General accounting technician

5. Cost account technician

6. Costs accountant

7. Insurance collector

Marketing and Sales

1. Sales specialist

2. Storekeeper

3. Commercial agent

4. Commercial manager

5. Procurement logistics specialist

Administration and Human Resources

1. Business Administration Specialist

2. Public Relation Specialist

3. Human Resources Specialist

4. Administrative Director


1. Insurance Agent General

2. Real Estate Insurance Agent

3. Cargo Insurance Agent

4. Life Insurance Agent

5. Vehicle Insurance Agent

6. Factory Insurance Agent

Information/Media Professions

1. Media Specialist

2. Page Maker

3. Paper Pulp Machine Operator

4. Bookbinding Machine Operator

5. Decorative Books Operator of

6. Calendar Operator

7. Paper Dyeing Machine Operators

8. Bill Printing Machine Operator

9. Cylinder Press Operator

10. Rotating Press Operator

11. Offset Printing Machine Operator

12. Color Press Operator

13. Palnographic Press Operator

14. Paper Folder Machine Operator

15. Paper Coating Machine Operator

16. Advertising Agent

Medical Professions

1. Male Nurse

2. Pharmacist Assistant

3. Medical Coordinator

Airport Professions

1. Aviation Guiding Officer

2. Ground Steward

3. Ticket controller

4. Airplane takeoff Supervisor

5. Air traffic controller

6. Aircraft Landing supervisor

7. Passenger Transport supervisor

8. Land Guide

Engineering Professions

1. Architect

2. General Survey Engineer

3. Civil Engineer

4. Electronic Engineer

5. Electronics Engineer

6. Mechanical Engineer

7. Projects Engineers

Technical Professions

1. Building Technician/Building Controller

2. Electronic Technician

3. Road Technician/Road Controller

4. Mechanical Technician

5. Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician

6. Steam Turbine Technician

7. Construction materials lab technician

8. Gas Network Extension Technician

9. Construction Technician

10. Transformer Technician

11. Station Technician

12. Electrical Technician

13. Heat Operations Technician

14. Maintenance Technician

15. Chemical Technician