At the end of my contract, how long can I remain in Oman???

Hi my contract ends 28june in a month time my questions are

(1)how long do I have to stay in oman before my contract ends on 28 or do I have some time after it end?

(2) can my employer force me to exist without settlement they are owing me salary for 6 months and say I must exist without anything even though I finished my contract fully

(3) if my contract ends most I exist to my country or can I do visa change I.e exist to another middle eastern country like dubai

Thanks so much your response will help alot

Hi @Noel,

1) After your Visa Expiry, You can overstay for 30 days, and pay the fee. You have to leave after that.

2) You have to file a complaint immediately to Labour Ministry- Links are available here in different posts or you can visit the nearest Sanad office for filing a complaint.

3) If your present visa is canceled, you can come on a new visa, as you have completed your contract, no NOC is required. For any other middle eastern country, you can move anytime.

Hope it helps...

@Asif_Hassan thanks again sir for all the reply now I am well informed