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Friend I am Kabir.. Actually i m here in oman before i was working in dubai since 2years now i m working in oman since 1month but i dont like the work and sincerely i will say i dont like the place also really. I really not interested to work here ok soo i tired to tell my employer that i want to cancel my visa soo he gets angry he said noo i cannot if i did soo he will put absconding case on me..  Soo i just want to know if i took emergency i goo to uae on visit and if he put absconding case on me in oman..  Soo can i work in dubai yeah i know my visa is not cancel yet if somehow he cancel from oman or after 6month it will get cancel by oman authority..  Soo they put absconding case in oman soo i can work in other gulf countries like uae qatar or kuwait or not???  Please answer i really need it

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Hi Imrank25693,

If there is any kind of case filed against an expatriate - whether civil or criminal - then the expatriate would have to be ever worried and watchful.

The expatriate could get arrested anywhere across the GCC, at any time, depending on the severity of the case(s) filed against that person by the sponsor / employer.

In other words, to attempt any such thing like 'absconding' without making a proper and a legal exit from the country would be a rather risky thing to do.

Seek the assistance of the embassy officials to meditate on your behalf with your sponsor / employer and get to an amicable solution, so that you do not unnecessarily jeopardise your future chances of working elsewhere within the GCC.

I msg u in inbox can u reply please

Imrank25693 wrote:

I msg u in inbox can u reply please

Hi Imrank25693,

How many times do I have to reply to your same queries ??

If you ask the same thing in different ways, the answers cannot be different.

Hi I'm joy .from Philippines..
The company under my visa name report me us absconding case run away.  Even my two years cntract finish.   .me and my Syrian boss face to face in embassy   and to my agency.   He say he can cooperate .but he didn't cooperate to the sponsor they want to transfer my visa by there name. .the problem start when he ask release money which is I pay the half of it by deducting my salary 30 omr monthly .instead my salary is 160 it's only 130...  Until my visa xpired  ..then at last sponsor I go ..I don't like there cause they didn't follow the salary we talk ..that's the one they report me   us run away.  I tell to them I'm willing to go home but they need to give back my money.  .but they didn't give anything.   No one assist to go direct in ministry of labour.   That's why he complain first than me ..I always go and report to our embassy..but still not have happen.  My boss not answering call and messge ...then last yr some one help me to go in ministry labour...but I'm late that's why ...I can't take my Rights.  .  The only I want is to work here legal

He promise to cooperate but his lying.   Until I found again another emplyer that  ready to transfer my visa but still he didn't cooperate. He ask say comeback and we fix ..but I tell.to him .. embassy' say I never go Back for them cause my 2yrs serving for them is done ......then I found also that I dont have.  Contract ....they just  make my labor id and  transfer visa name under his wife company....they didn't give me .any benefits.   Even for my personal things and anything... If I ask there permission if can I go to our embassy to check .some things about my owwa and some concerns to my papers they didn't allowed me ..

I just want ti ask also  about my concern..i run away before and come back in my home country last December 2021 using the qmnesty programme  by the oman government.Now i really want to come back but i want it legally .is it possible to come back in oman apply a new work visa?
Same my concern also..
You cannot come back since there is ban on your passport , further you can check directly by contacting on ROP website.