Over stay In Oman After Visa Expiry

Dear Sir/madam,

Can you help me to know the rules of over stay In Oman, My Visa will expire on 26 April 2017 but I am not able to exit Oman on that day, I will exit on 2 may 2017 is there any penalty or ban to reenter in Oman or GCC countries, Please help me to come out from this confusion.

Hi Mohammadjsr1972,

On the expiry of the employment visa, a 1-month grace period is granted. Within the expiry of the 1-month grace period, the visa must be renewed.

Failure to renew the visa would entail a daily fine for every day of overstay. And while exiting the Sultanate (unless through the government sponsored 'amnesty'), the hefty penalty sum must be cleared for the defaulter to be allowed to leave the country.

In your case, you can exit within the 1-month grace period ends. But make sure your employment visa is properly cancelled, with your company PRO present with you at the airport on the day of your departure.

Hi Team,

I am on 21 days express visa and it will expire on 10 May 2017. My flight is at 12:20 A.M. on 11 May 2017 but I will complete my immigration at 10 P.M. or 11 P.M. on 10 May.

Since my flight is at 12:20 and overstay 20 minutes, do I have to pay any fine since my visa is valid till 10 May and my flight is at 12:20 A.M. on 11 May?

Or no problem since I had completed the immigration process on 10 May and have exit stamp on 10 May by 11 P.M.  ?

Kindly advice

If stay after grace period how penalities per day sir..my visa finished July 30 2017and my grace period also finished Aug 30 2017.now stay 3day sep 3my ticket...PRO ALL CLEARANCED SIR.but 3days how fine given in airport

Hi  which visa you were holding visit or employment ?  penalties are 10 riyal per day but it depends on visa type

Hie my visa expiring on 27th February 2018 and the company is terminating me.But my daugher' s exams ends on 24th March and i can exit only after that.Will there be any fine for overstaying or 30 days grace period shall be applicable even if my visa is not renewed.

Hi manoj.lahoty,

It is better for you to personally request your company to give you time until your daughter's exams are finished before your visa can be cancelled.

Sorry to come back on this subject, i'd like to be sure that i understand ... my omani's resident card is expirying today, but i will be working here in oman until the 18th may( it is a 6 month resident card). What will be the conscequencies ?
If i understand i may have this 1month grace, so i just have to cancel my resident card with my sponspor before i leave Oman, am I right ? will i have fines ?

Hi picquep,

Resident Card must be renewed just prior to its expiry date mentioned on the card.

A 1-month grace period is granted.

Failure to renew even post that grace period would fetch an automatic daily / cumulative fine to be paid while exiting Oman.

But if i want to go without renewing my card during this 1-month of grace, should i go to the airport police office to cancel it or just go like a normal traveller ?

Dear Sir,

I am working in a company from last 8 years in oman. My visa is expiring on 27 September.  i am not renewing contract this time. For this reason i have given resignation on 5th July 2018.

As a routine torturing practice, the employees who are leaving company are kept hold, months after expiry of their visas and used to deduct a huge amount as fine. Again my company is not paying final settlement and instead of that they are providing a letter to employee stating that they will sending settlement to indian account after completion of 6 months. Many are not paid yet

For me, it was told they will be revealing me only on December since they have visa issues to find a replacement.

Somebody, Please help me ....to overcome this situation.

Hiii I am working in oman from 26March 2019 my sponsor is not making my resident card when I am asking my sponsor for residents card he is telling next week I will make but he is not making my resident card now its 4 months. Please can somebody tell me if I want to go india how much is the fine for 4 month and if I pay fines then I can go to my country?

I am currently employed as a Senior Instructor with one of the reputed companies in Muscat. My VISA is due to expire on 11th of November 2019. I already have a contract from my employer which is extended for 2 years, and the new validity is till November 2021.
I already have submitted my documents well in advance for renewal of my VISA. However, nothing is being processed yet. My company's departmental license expired in August 2019 and wasn't renewed, as the Ministry of Manpower asked to change the title so as to carry out the training activities. Our company has been trying to get an activity added through Ministry of Commerce system, but it has been rejected as the request has to be undersigned by the Board of Directors. Our company has been taken over by another larger Group, and therefore the Group CEO was the signing authority. The request was submitted with the Group CEO's signature. The MOC rejected the request and has asked the Board of Director's approval. In short, it cannot be processed without it.
The entire process has been taking a lot of time, and I have not been communicated about the status. I have been sending emails to our Admin team as well as HR, but they have no reply to it. I met the HR, and they told me that it is not my fault so I need not be worried about anything and they will get it done somehow.
I really am worried about the entire situation and I do not know what has to be done in such a case. Am I allowed to stay after my VISA expiry? If yes, who is liable to take care of the penalties? If the company cannot renew my VISA, what is it that I am supposed to gain? As per the contract, either parties have to give a notice period of 3 months. Kindly help...

Hi respected team .

I am Raza could you help me about to exit from oman and what are the formalities do I need any exit paper or only air ticket is required ? before visa expiry i have an employment visa of oman for 2 years but i don't wanna stay anymore ... Kindly help me

Hi team i work for a emplyer man power company from two years and my visa is expired on 26 february 2023 but i got terminated and my one month is almost over in 2 days from now and my passport is with my employer.

So camln you guide me about the fine is on monthly basis or daily from 26 march 2023 and who will pay that fine my employer company or by me thanks.

Since your passport is with employer you have to ask your employer to pay


My visa is going to expire on 1st august 2023 and I am not renewing my visa further. At present, I am handling one project and the company requesting to stay one month or more to complete the project. So please give feedback about the fine and any legal issues.