Driving in Oman on Visit Visa - Valid Oman Driving Licence

I had been working in Oman till January 17 and had got a valid Omani Driving licence. I resigned my job and am presently on a visit to Oman . Can i drive a privately owned car with my valid Oman licence while i am on a Visit Visa. The rule in UAE says that a licence is valid till it expires, even if the expat has cancelled his visa. Is it the same for Oman as well?

Hi hrn1988,

As long as you have a valid Omani Driving Licence, you can drive in Oman.

Since you would be a visitor, and in the absence of your Resident Card, if you are stopped by the ROP, show them your original visa stamped in your passport as proof of your valid stay,

Hi Sumitran
Im anyway keeping a copy of my passport with me all the time. Hope that should do, if the ROP stops me.
Also kudos to you for putting an effort to help out fellow expats in this forum.

Off course u can drive as long as ure license is valid it doesn't matter ure on a visit visa in oman. Just carry a passport copy with ure visa stamped in case officials stop u for random checks.