Being convincing to an employer in Mauritius

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Finding a job in Mauritius is no easy feat. From applying for a job all the way to job interviews, the etiquette can be different abroad. Specially job interviews, that can already be pretty daunting, can feel even worse when set in a whole new country. If you’ve gone through a job interview in Mauritius before, how about giving a few tips to someone who might be preparing for one?

Do interviews usually take place in a formal or casual setting in Mauritius? Do you have any pointers for job interviews that take place over a lunch or dinner?

From application all the way to the job interview, what is essential to make an candidate stand out?

Culturally speaking, are there specific do’s and don’ts? What is the general take on bringing a parent on the job interview or a gift to the interviewer?

Can you tell us a little about your experience? What worked and what did not work for you?

How important is it to have a solid professional network prior to a job interview?

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I already  send my resumes to some company's which is in Mauritius but still now I didn't got any interview calles from here so I have to wait

my company came to my country for interviews.

Which company am already in Mauritius,  and 30 days remain for my visa


On the subject of employment of Expats in Mauritius, I like to share below comments.

1. Interviews can be online through video calls etc. these days, unless the employer wish to meet the candidate in person than the interview meeting in country of applicant or employer will invite the applicant at the cost of employer.
2. As far as Gift for Employer is concern - I don't think that a good employment process need such gifts. Avoid it.
3. Understand the terms and condition of employment and salary package including tax deduction at source, take home pay to transfer to native country and local expenses including residence and other expense. Obtain clarity on this.
4. Read the terms of employment for expats on Mauritian government websites. This includes minimum pay standards.
5. Health certificate is must.
6. Normally a good employment process don't require any commission or payment to recruitment agency. If such demand, check the offer carefully, it may fraud also.

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Princilla, where are you from ?

First and foremost if you have lived in Europe - you will know that interviews are not done the same way in Mauritius.  There is no panel nor a board.  Maybe you will be decieved - however most of the time even if you are going for an interview - the job has already been "reserved" to somebody (family member or close friend).
Please don't bring your parent nor a gift.
You need to convince the interviewer that you are the ideal candidate for this job.
I am from Mauritius but settled abroad - I remember when I used to go for interviews - what a waste of time it was.  May be thing has changed now - let us hope so.
There is a family member of the actual government who came to Mauritius for an interview and she did not even know she was applying for a ceo job and she got it. Strange to buy a flight ticket from London and come home for interview without knowing the job. This is only one exemple above all ...
Good luck.

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I am from Mauritius but settled abroad - I remember when I used to go for interviews - what a waste of time it was.  May be thing has changed now - let us hope so.


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