Singapore S pass application rejected

Hi, Sir. My S pass application rejected. I am working in Singapore 5 years +. I am holding work permit at construction sector. I have class 3 driving licence and diploma in M&E Engineering (Private institute) in Singapore.
I am currently working in Singapore and I have found one agency. He found for me a job and applied S pass for that. I saw in ep online that last week its pending. But today I checked its showing rejected.

What are the reason?. Please can give suggestion?.
If I appeal for that... It's have chance to get Aprove?.

It is impossible, from the very limited information you gave, to tell what has caused your rejection.
You are welcome to read the many existing posts about related topics on this forum, to see what the possible rejection reasons are.

You should check with your employer, they might have received one line indication of short statement from MoM.

It’s hard to say what could be the reason but looking at the recent change of immigration policy in Singapore where the over all S pass visas will be reduced by 5% in 2yrs. So, now it’s tougher to get work passes. Good luck

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