how to possess the Residency ?

Hi everyone my name is cathy. I'm from usa and would love to spend my winter months in Egypt. I was in 6last July and staying with friends for one month. I absolutely loved the ppl and the fabulous history of Egypt. I would actually want to get my Resident's there for 3 to 6 months but need information on how to possess the  Residency. So if anyone can help me on how to start the process and what I need in  Documentation from the usa I would really appreciate anyones  Recommendations

Hello Kathy;

This is Egypt electronic visa portal, contains all the required information, and the online application.

Wish you happy stay in Egypt, and feel free to contact me for more info.

Hi Cathy,
As far as I know with the local knowledge and my experience in Egypt, once your visa expires (the visa you obtain at the airport) , you go to the local visa office and apply for an extension visa up to a year. Normally you will obtain a visa for 3-6 months costing $25. Keep doing this until you been in Egypt for a year. After being in Egypt for a year, you will have to leave Egypt and probably return to Egypt same day or the next day. You will have to repeat the same process as above every time. We are not allowed to stay in Egypt for more than a year, unless we a residency visa which costs too much.
Please let me know if you do not understand the above, I am trying to help you in rush! rush! rush!
Good luck!

Thank u so so much for the information. I do understand what u sent me. I truly appreciate your help and your kind words

I have been in Egypt 13 years
and there is so much more to it that
since Sisi became king
and yes I love Egypt and Sisi
good luck

Are u want only stay in egypt as a tourist or need your visa to work or study or even open business,for every purpose you need a visa .

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