Traveling to Egypt with your pet

Traveling to Egypt with your pet
Updated 2016-06-02 09:07

Can expatriates travel to Egypt with their pets? What are the relating conditions and formalities? Find out in this article.

Wondering how to travel to Egypt with your pet? There is nothing to worry about as Egypt is quite welcoming towards pets, whether these are dogs or cats. You are, of course, advised to inquire on relating formalities and procedures beforehand as these may be complicated to some extent. But with appropriate planning, you should be able to get away with these fairly.


First of all, your pet must be in possession of a vaccination certificate and a health certificate, preferably bilingual, issued by a licensed veterinary at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date of travel. Finally, rabies vaccination is compulsory between one month and a year prior to the scheduled travel date.

On your arrival in Egypt, you may have to pay a small fee so that your pet is allowed into the Egyptian territory. The purpose of these fees is to pay for relating administrative formalities.

Electronic microchip

The electronic microchip is not compulsory for pets in Egypt, but it is highly recommended. Egyptian border post officers have the required material to scan ISO 11784/11785 microchips. In case your pet's identification microchip does not comply with these norms, it must be in possession of its own reader on its arrival into the country.


Make sure to inquire on relating conditions with your airline company before traveling. Indeed, conditions and fees are likely to vary from one company to another.

Medical examination

On its arrival into the country, dogs and cats are required to undergo a brief medical test. In case of poor health, it may be referred to another veterinary for further examinations. However, expenses will be your responsibility.


In general, pets are not quarantined if they comply with all above-mentioned conditions. However, as from their arrival date into the country, they must stay with you for at least three months. In case you are planning to give them away to someone else, you will have to wait for this period to be over. This is why you are required to produce a copy of the pet's identity documents besides the above mentioned documents.

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