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About Egypt

Since many years, expatriates have been showing greater interest about moving to Egypt. Indeed, thanks to its growing economy, the company has been providing several opportunities at all levels to those wishing to settle and live there, whether alone or with their family. As a developed and modern country, Egypt is very open towards the rest of the world, especially the Near and Middle East, Europe, as well as the United States of America. It is now aiming at Asian and South American markets.

Thus, moving to Egypt has several advantages, especially if you are seeking better career prospects. Note that foreign expertise is much required in dynamic sectors such as tourism and industry. So why not try your luck in the Land of Pharaohs?


Located in Northeast Africa, Egypt is divided into four regions: Lower Egypt, Middle Egypt, Upper Egypt and Nubia. The country is also divided into several administrative regions, that is 27 governorates called muhafazah.

Egypt is the region's third most densely populated country with nearly 90 million inhabitants. Most of them live on a a fertile strip of land that runs along the Nile River.

Cairo is the Egyptian capital city while Alexandria, Aswan, Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Mansoura, Marsa, as well as Safaga and Saïd ports are its major cities.


Egypt has greatly developed and modernized over the years, although its economy is still quite fragile. It is still trying to go up the slope through the diversification of its activities, especially in the fields of tourism and industry.

Education is also makes a significant contribution to the local economy. In fact, many foreign students, especially from African countries, fly to Egypt every year to continue their higher studies. However, oil, natural gas, metals and agriculture remain its main economic pillars.

Thanks to its modernization, Egypt is now open towards foreign exchange and investment. It now aims at developing its economic ties with Asian and South American markets along with strengthening its relationship with African countries.


Modern Standard Arabic is Egypt's official language. The local dialect is close to classical Arabic despite a few differences in pronunciation and vocalization. In fact, it varies from one province to another. As regards foreign languages spoken in the country, you have Greek, Armenian and Italian. Other foreign languages such as English, French, German and Italian are taught in schools. Note that English is widely spoken in Egypt since the 1950 although the country hosts not less than 50,000 French-speaking foreign nationals.


Most of the country enjoys a Saharan climate, except the Nile River region. In winter, temperatures are rather mild and nights are rarely cold and frosty.

From January to March, temperatures on the Mediterranean coast turn around 20°C. In the desert, on the other hand, days are very warm and dry while nights are particularly cold.

Spring is often accompanied by a windy and stormy weather which is called khamsin. The khamsin is a dry, warm and dusty wind coming from the Southeast.

In summer, temperatures are quite high during the day but gradually cools down in winter. The humidity is then minimal, thus making the atmosphere more pleasant than the rest of the year.

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Quick Information

Capital : Cairo
Official Languages : Arabic , English , French
Currency : Pound
Area : 1001450 Km2
Population : 80471869
Calling Code : +20
Timezone : Africa/Cairo

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