Working in Hurghada

Work in Hurghada
Updated 2016-06-02 12:35

If you are looking for new job opportunities along with a different lifestyle, Hurghada may be the ideal place for you. Find out how to proceed in this article.

Located in the Red Sea region, Hurghada is a major and popular Egyptian city. Its population comprises less than 100,000 inhabitants. However, it attracts more and more expatriates since a few years. By moving there, you will not only enjoy a different and relaxed lifestyle but also benefit from several opportunities. So why not try your luck in Hurghada?


Hurghada is found in the South of the Suez Canal at around six hours from Cairo, the Egyptian capital city. Hurghada is highly valued, not only due to the number of visiting tourists every year but also thanks to massive foreign investment. Note that the local economy mainly relies on tourism. Indeed, you will find many hotels, restaurants, as well as travel agencies across the city. These generally provide job opportunities for expatriates, especially in terms of language skills.

Labor market

Your job search in Hurghada can be quite limited due to the labor market's saturation. As the local economy is mainly driven by tourism, it usually depends on tourist arrivals and on the global economic situation.

However, if you are patient and motivated enough, you may also be hired in other sectors. You must also be ready to adapt to a different working environment and conditions. In fact, wages offered to expats are not necessarily higher than the national average in Hurghada.

In all cases, you will have to be very patient, possibly for a few months at least, especially if you wish to work in the tourism sector. Tourism jobs are actually in great demand both by locals and foreign professionals. You therefore have to be prepared to face all kinds of situations before flying to Egypt.

Find a job

Looking for a job in Hurghada requires boldness. Start by sending spontaneous job applications to hotels, restaurants and other companies operating across the city. Networking will also greatly help if you have friends or contacts on the spot.

You will also find job offers on the Internet. Some companies and hotels have their own jobs sections on their website. So make sure to check these out from time to time. Consider inquiring on online job platforms as well. You might be lucky, who knows?

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