Working in Alexandria

Work in Alexandria
Updated 2016-06-02 12:08

Looking for a job in Alexandria? Here is all that you need to know about its labor markets. Find some tips to guide you through your search.

Being one of the biggest Egyptian cities, Alexandria attracts many expatriates every years, especially due to its economic dynamism. Indeed, the city provides many opportunities to foreign professionals who are looking forward to settle and work there. But if you are looking for a job there, take the time to inquire on its labor market so as to determine where you would fit.


In the beginning of the 21st century, Alexandria's economy was mainly based on the port sector, industry and tourism. Indeed, the port sector is very active in terms of exports, especially that of cotton, as well as import of foreign products.

Industry, for its part, comprises refineries, cement manufacturing plants, naval construction, textile, leather, paper production, chemicals, food, mechanics, etc.

Alexandria's tourist resort status also continues to boost the local economy, despite low seasons.

Good to know:

Alexandria is particularly popular with expatriates for its cost of living which is lower than in Cairo. Moreover, it has a developed transport network which will allow you to travel anywhere at affordable rates. Living and working in this city thus has several advantages.

Labor market

In general, foreign nationals have more chances of being hired in the tourism industry, especially for their language skills. Indeed, hotels and restaurants continuously require foreign expertise. So why not try your luck in this sector if you feel you have the right profile?

The different industries and factories operating across the city are also quite open toward foreign expertise. You may thus apply for these jobs, provided the required skills are not available locally. Moreover, like in the rest of the country, remember that thousands of new engineers join the labor market every year following their studies.

Find a job

You can start your job search in Alexandria by browsing offers on the Internet. Word of mouth may also help if you have friends and contacts on the spot. Regardless of the sector, it has always been a common practice throughout the country.

Consider sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating in the city as well. Otherwise, registering with a recruitment agency will help you find a job according to your profile more rapidly.

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