Water Safety in Egypt

Updated 2009-09-29 21:14

The government claims the tap water is safe; however, every recommends that you do NOT drink it. It is best to either: use a reverse osmosis water tap or buy bottled water. It is safe to drink water that has been boiled. I do use the tap water to brush my teeth; however, some people don't. Water can be delivered from a variety of companies and grocery stores. It is best to keep additional drinking water in your house at all times. 

In the kitchen it is best to boil water before cooking with it. Also, all produce needs to be properly washed. I recommend using a gallon of tap water with a table spoon of bleach. Soak produce for 10 to 15 minutes (use less time for delicate items like herbs or berries). Air dry all produce before storing.

There are frequent water shot offs in Cairo. Usually they last only a few hours, but can last longer. I recommend that you save used water bottles and fill them with tap water. Save a reserve of tap water for washing in case your water is shut off.

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